Zama Sunflower Festival: Doing a Last Minute Trip

Zama Sunflower Festival 2015

Yesterday my husband proved that he’s the best; he was very sleepy when I asked him to take me to the Zama sunflower field. He suggested going there the following Friday, but I insisted that we go today because I had a feeling the flowers would be cut soon.

On the drive going there, I felt a sudden pang of guilt as I realized I’ve never seen him as sleepy as he’d appeared that day. As a person who always wants to see something new, my empathy usually takes a back seat. I did feel selfish, so I made it up to him by giving him some extra bacon the next day (hehe).

The Zama Sunflower Festival kicked off on August 13 to 18 this year. It was over when I went there, but thankfully the sunflowers were still there. At that time of the year, the sunflowers were almost past their prime as most of them didn’t have their heads up. Nevertheless, they were pretty.

Zama Sunflower Festival 2015

Zama Sunflower Festival 2015

Sunflower close-up

A bee on a sunflower
Bumblebee camouflage!

Sunflower Field in Zama

Some pumpkins and flowers
Saw some pumpkins too.

Almost past peak but still pretty

The mandatory selfie shot
The mandatory selfie shot.

Goodbye for now

How to get there

By car:
By train: 10-minute walk from Sobudaishita station JR Sagami Line.
Add short conclusion. Will you go to the festival next year?