Best Cheap Hotels and Hostels in Nikko

As the famous Japanese proverb goes, “Never say beautiful, until you’ve seen Nikko.” This is a perfect reflection of how beautiful the city is. So, it is not really new to hear jaw-dropping experiences from travelers who have had a day or more in this “magical” place. From magnificent, picturesque natural sceneries to World Heritage Sites, Nikko is definitely a premier tourist spot in Japan. Take a travel to Nikko, Tochigi and you’ll see why.

Can’t wait to finalize your travel plan? I’d like to help you with the details of your trip, especially with your accommodation, so I compiled a list of the top rated, cheap hostels in Nikko.

Exploring Nikko’s Top Rated, Budget-Friendly Accommodations

Cheapest Hostels in Nikko


Nikkorisou Backpackers

Nikkorisou Backpackers Owner, Hiro
Nikkorisou Backpackers Owner, Hiro. Copyright © 2014 Travel in Boots by Ada Wilkinson. All Rights Reserved.

Why it’s top-rated: Just 2 minutes walk to the World Heritage Sites, Nikkorisou Backpackers is one of the top specialty lodgings in the city that is ideal for those who are on a budget but looking for a serene and cozy place to stay.

One recent traveler gave the hostel an excellent rating with a review saying, “Homely feel with lots of character! Perfect for backpackers!” Another guest described it as “the hidden gem” in Nikko. One more review says, “Great hostel, friendly staff, great location.” It is even “One of the best I’ve stayed” for the most recent guest.

Room Types: Dorms and Private room


Nikko Guesthouse Sumica

Nikko Guesthouse Sumica
Nikko Guesthouse Sumica

Why it’s top-rated: These are just a few of the amazing reviews Nikko Guesthouse Sumica got since its opening on May 2010. One reviewer described it, “A cozy, affordable and fun place to stay.” “Definitely the best hotel I have stayed in Japan,” says another reviewer. “Quaint guesthouse with lovely management,” says one guest. Nikko Guesthouse Sumica is just few minutes walk from JR Tobunikko Station and 20 minute walk to the World Heritage Sites.

Room Types: Dorms and Japanese style rooms


The Minshuku Rindou-no-ie

Minsyuku Rindou-no-ie Guest room
Minsyuku Rindou-no-ie Guest room

Why it’s top-rated: A Japanese bed and breakfast property, Minshuku Rindou-no-ie features a total of 14 Japanese style rooms and free parking and Wi-Fi. It is also a 15-minute walk from Tobunikko Station and 20 minutes away from the JR Nikko Station.

Room types: Japanese Twin Rooms and Triple Rooms


Nikkosan BackPackers Inn

Nikkosan Backpackers Inn

Why it’s top-rated: Nikkosan BackPackers Inn is a relatively freshly built hostels that is located just 9 minutes walk from the station. Ideal place of stay for budget travelers and backpackers, they offer over 15 beds.

Room Types: Dorms, private rooms, loft room.


Nikko Park Lodge

Nikko Park Lodge

Why it’s top-rated: This is perhaps the most affordable hotel deal in Nikko that doesn’t sacrifice comfort.  Nikko Park Lodge actually has two locations. One near the Tobu Nikko Station and the other one called the Mountain Side, which is near the Minshuku Rindou-no-ie. Both locations are close to the World Heritage sites and other Nikko sightseeing spots.

Room Types: Dorms, Double bed, Twin bed.


Gasthof Ami


Gasthof Ami

Why it’s top-rated: Another sweet home away from home. Gasthof Ami is a UK inspired guesthouse with beautiful antique designed rooms and outdoor onsen. All rooms are really spacious and they serve both breakfast and dinner.

Room Types: Twin rooms and double rooms

Without doubt, Nikko is a home to many great accommodations. However, these five are the highly recommended cheap hostels in Nikko from a certified budget traveler like me.