The Golden Trees Near Tokyo Station Marunouchi

Last week, my sister and her long time boyfriend visited me in Japan for 5 days. Both were first timers which was why they were very excited. They arrived in Japan on December 10th and I picked them up at Narita Airport. Although they wanted to experience the train, we took a took bus from the airport to Tokyo Station as it is the cheapest way to get to our place. I explained that once we get to Tokyo Station, that’s where we’re going to ride the train to get home. Oh, okay. My sister said. But can we explore areas around it before we ride the train home? That’s how eager she was to sightsee as soon as they landed!

Tokyo Station by Ada Wilkinson on 500px.comTOKYO STATION by Ada Wilkinson on 500px.comIMG_5529.jpg by Ada Wilkinson on 500px.comDSC_0018.jpg by Ada Wilkinson on 500px.comDSC_0023.jpg by Ada Wilkinson on 500px.comDSC_0010.jpg by Ada Wilkinson on 500px.comSHEENA by Ada Wilkinson on 500px.comLOUIE by Ada Wilkinson on

We followed the directions to Marunouchi as soon as we arrived in Tokyo Station. There they saw the beautiful historic building of Tokyo Station Hotel founded in 1915, thus turned 100 years old this year. I also remember that ginkgo trees are scattered around the Marunouchi District in Tokyo Station. If you don’t know what ginkgo trees are, I would suggest that you Google it. So their visit was just in time to see these in color.

My face turned bright as soon as I saw my sister and her boyfriend started taking photos of the building. They reminded me of my old self when I first got to Tokyo Station, running around like a kid taking pictures like crazy! Several minutes later,  I noticed that they seemed very mesmerized and stuck in the vicinity taking more pictures so I pointed at the opposite park in front of us. Take a look at that park! I said to divert their attention. Let’s go there before it gets dark.

Both were got very excited when they saw the array of golden Christmas tree-shaped at the park. They were very pretty and had really attracted several tourists from the Tokyo Station. We stayed here for almost 45 minutes savoring the pleasing view of yellow that enhanced the park. The two loved the place so much and took many photos.

Have you been around Marunouchi District?