Sending Postcards From Japan

Ukiyo-e Postcards

Our town’s Post Office is just 5-minute walk from where we live. Sending postcards here in Japan was a breeze. Even though some staff speak little to no English, they were all very helpful and did their best to understand me.

Since it was my first time, I approached the officer near the entrance and asked her how to send postcards. “Postcard,” I said.

She then gave me a number to wait for my turn. By the time my number was called, the lady told me to pay the stamp which was 70 yen each, took my postcards, and posted it for me. Done.

The cost of sending postcards from Japan to international destination is 70 yen flat rate via AIR MAIL. My friends received the postcard 2 weeks after!

Have you sent postcards to your family or friends while traveling abroad? How was your experience? Also, if you don’t know how to write in postcards, here’s a tutorial for you.