Japan Tourist Visa Requirements (For Filipinos Without Guarantor)

For OFW Abroad: Close your browser now! Please visit Japan Embassy in the country where you reside to check the requirements.

If you are visiting Japan mainly for sightseeing without any guarantor or sponsor, these are the documents you must prepare. These are also called the basic requirements.

You can also download the checklist here.

  1. Valid Philippine Passport. Passports should have at least 6 months validity during your intended date of stay in Japan, it must be signed, and have at least two (2) blank visa pages.
  2. Visa Application Form Printed in A4 size paper. Download here. If handwriting, write neatly and legibly. Avoid any erasures.
  3. Photo 4.5cm x 4.5cm. White background. Write your name and birth date on the back side of the photo and paste it into the visa Application form. Photo must be taken within 6 months.
  4. PSA Birth Certificate (formerly known as NSO Birth Certificate). Must be issued within one year.
    For late registration or unreadable NSO, submit the following:
    a) certificate of baptism.
    b) school report cards or school record form 137.
    c) graduation albums or school yearbook.
  5. Marriage Certificate (if married). Issued within one year.
  6. Proof of income.

For employed:

  • Latest Copy of ITR Form 2316 or from the previous year if it has not been issued yet within the year;
  • Certificate of employment; AND
  • Bank Certificate. Must be issued within 3 months.

For self-employed:

  • Latest Copy of ITR Form 2316 or from the previous year if it has not been issued yet within the year;
  • If you have your own business, or you’re a freelancer, submit your Business Registration issued by DTI (also known as DTI Permit); AND
  • Bank Certificate. Must be issued within 3 months.

For OFW in the Philippines:

  • Tax exemption form from BIR (Please visit the nearest BIR office near you);
  • Certificate of employment or copy of employment contract; AND
  • Bank Certificate. Must be issued within 3 months.

For applicants without ITR and Bank Certificate: Try to look for a with a guarantor/sponsor. Or if you can’t find one, write a “Letter of Explanation” addressed to the Consulate-General of Japan. Explain why you are unable to submit it an ITR. Download the sample Letter of Explanation format here.

  1. Daily Schedule in Japan in A4 size paper. Download here.

Below is my example daily schedule:

Here's what my schedule of stay looked like
Here’s what my schedule of stay looked like. Sample only!

AN IMPORTANT TIP on booking hotels, tours, and flight tickets in advance

For Accommodation column, you only need a tentative hotel reservation.

Here’s what I did:

I booked through agoda.com for Okura Frontier Hotel (affiliate link) and booking.com for Shinagawa Prince Hotel (affiliate link). These two hotels had “book now, pay later” feature. I was able to print out the booking confirmation and submit it as my supporting document. That way, if my visa application denied, I would just cancel the booking. Thankfully, my Japan tourist visa was approved at that time.

You can also try Airbnb (if you sign-up using my link, you’ll get Php 1,500 Airbnb credit). When using Airbnb, look for a host with the Flexible Cancellation policy. That way, you will get the full refund prior to your check-in date if you were denied a visa.

I was also very interested in seeing Mt. Fuji. So I booked through a trusted online booking site (affiliate link). There was a free cancellation 1 month prior that time.

Booking your hotel and tours are completely optional. Most visa applicants who shared their experience with me felt that their hotel and tour booking confirmation helped with the approval process.

The same is true for booking flight tickets. If you have already booked your flight ticket because of ‘sale’, it won’t hurt to submit it too. But if you have no flight tickets yet on hand, I strongly suggest not risk getting a flight ticket.

UPDATE ABOUT AIRBNB IN JAPAN (06/22/2018): Over 80% of accommodations listed in Airbnb Japan were suspended due to legal issues. I do not recommend booking your accommodation in Japan through Airbnb at this time.