These are the requirements for the tourist visa if visiting a friend in Japan. Visiting your boyfriend or girlfriend also applies here.

You can download the complete checklist here.

In addition to the basic requirements, you need to submit the following:

  1. Documents to prove the relationship. Includes chats, texts, emails, and photos.
  2. Invitation Letter. Completed and signed by the guarantor. Download here for English or here for Japanese.
  3. Documents explaining the reason for the invitation. If visiting because of health reason, checkup, wedding invitation, etc. Provide copies of each.
  4. Guarantee Letter. Completed and signed by the guarantor. Download here for English or here for Japanese.
  5. Family Registration or koseki tohon. Must be issued within 3 months.
  6. Residence Certificate or juminhyo. Must be issued within 3 months.
  7. Proof of Income of your Friend. Provide more than one of the following documents:
    • Income Certificate or shotoku shomeisho. Must be issued within 3 months. This can be obtained from the city hall of the place of residence issued by a tax officer director.
    • Final tax return certificate or nouzeishomeisho (Form 2). Should indicate gross income for the previous year and seal of reception from the tax office. Statement of tax withholding is not acceptable. If e-Tax: submit Receipt Notification and Final Tax Return)
    • Bank Certificate or kakuteishinkokusho hikae or yokin zandaka shomeisho.
  8. If the friend is not a Japanese, submit these additional documents:
    • Photocopy of valid residence card. Both sides.
    • Photocopy of resident Record Code. This can be requested from the city hall where the foreign guarantor/sponsor live.
    • Photocopy of his/her passport. Must include the pages of status items, the record of entry/departure, and of residence permit.
  9. Applicants proof of income like ITR and bank certificate is NOT required.


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