Our Favorite Restaurant near NAF Atsugi: Fuyuan

I don’t really want to reveal our secret but this restaurant deserves a spotlight among the military families who live on or off base.

On weekends when my husband and I don’t feel like cooking, this restaurant is our go-to restaurant for pigging out. If you’ve already dined at Rani Indian Restaurant, you may have noticed this Taiwanese restaurant across it.

Like other Asian restaurants, there are two ways to dine here: All you can eat or order a la carte. The staff doesn’t speak English but they are very friendly. The only real downside for me is that the restaurant allows smoking. Seeing as my husband and I are both non-smokers, we request a seat farther away from smoking customers.

For starters, I recommend that you order from the menu because they offer big servings at reasonable prices. They don’t have English menu, so read on for some tips!

Luckily, my husband and I know a little Hiragana and we were able to find their recommended food from the menu. It’s easy to spot “house special,”  just look for the osusume sign (おすすめ). Osusume means “recommended” or “house special.” In their menu, they mark this section with a chef’s hat.

We usually order 1 or 2 main dishes, rice, and vegetables – all of which are served in big portions good for 2 to 3 people. For first timers, I would recommend the Cashew Chicken (upper left) or the fried chicken, read as Yurinji, (lower right) shown in the photo below. Remember to point at the menu when you order.

Other dishes from the menu worth trying are the beef potato stew (lower left) that my husband absolutely loves and the vegetables (upper right) which is simply the best!

They usually serve the vegetables first, followed by the main dish, and lastly the rice. They also serve complimentary egg drop soup which comes with the rice and is also very delicious.

If you have room in your stomach, I would recommend their mango pudding. Every time they serve it at our table, my husband tries to hide it from me because he knows I’m addicted to mango. Once, he even purposely dropped a piece on the floor! Needless to say, I was very upset – that was my mango!

For two people, it normally costs JPY 1,200 – 1,500  to eat here. Not bad right?

Pork Friend Rice.
Garlic Fried Rice
They have 4 selections of rice. We tried all and the best is the Garlic Fried Rice on the lower right.
Cashew Chicken. This one is very good!
We don’t know the name of the beef dish on the right. It is my husband’s favorite.
If you love mangoes, you should order their excellent mango pudding. Oh my.


Whenever you’re just around the base, here’s the restaurant’s information or Google Maps. I believe it’s called Fuyuan (福源).