My First Maid Café Experience at @Home Café in Akihabara

Without a doubt, cosplay restaurants constitute an important part of Japanese café culture as it creates a flavor of anime fantasy. I have been living in Japan for over a year now and I knew that I needed to experience this type of cosplay restaurant called maid café.

Shy and Smiley Pose! @Home Café 7F in Akihabara

There weren’t many blogs and travel guide books that share information about these maid cafés. Aside from that, they only recommend the expensive ones. So, I decided to do a research and try out the cafés myself.

Searching for maid cafés online in Akihabara actually made me uncomfortable as photos of cute girls in maid outfits alluring you to try their cafés are literally popping up everywhere. As a girl, I found it very creepy.

I specifically looked for gaijin-friendly or maid cafés that have English speaking maids when @Home Café tops in Google. They have an English website and have several chain cafés in the same building.

Originally, we wanted to go to their café on the 6th floor because of its stylish theme but it was already full so we settled on the 7th floor. The 7th floor was nothing but an ordinary unstylish café with no decorations or whatsoever. No wonder there were only a few people there.

However, we noticed that their maids were prettier than those from the 6th floor. Perhaps this is their way of “compensating” for the interior of the café.

Since we already had lunch in Moomin Bakery and Café, we ordered the Dessert Set + Snapshot with a maid that costs 1,600 yen per person. On top of that, there’s an entrance fee of 600 yen.

@Home Café Doraemon Sketch Hot Green Tea
Magic Sketch Hot Green Tea. I requested for Doraemon and here it is.
@Home Café Akihabara Totoro Sketched  Iced Mocha
My friend ordered Magic Iced Mocha and requested for Totoro sketch.

Welcome! and its rules

“Thank you for choosing @Home Café. Today, you are princesses!”, said the first maid as we were given our seats. This was when the chit chat started. She speaks good English and she was happy when she found out that we’re both from the Philippines and are currently living in Japan.

After the small chat, she informed us of the rules. Taking of photos is only allowed on food. It is not allowed to take photos of café interiors and the maids. Body touch is also prohibited. A few minutes later, we were given “magic water”, which was just water with lemon. Afterwards, she took our order.

I ordered the Magic Sketch Hot Green Tea and Bitter and Sweet Parfait Chocolate Unrequited Love. My friend Jenifer, on the other hand, ordered Magic Iced Mocha and Cutie Bunny Cheese Cake.

@Home Café Akihabara Cutie Bunny Cheese Cake
Cutie Bunny Cheese Cake at 700 yen.

Home Café Akihabara

Super kawaii food and its magic power

When our green tea and iced mocha arrived, the drinks didn’t have a sketch yet. A different maid served it, perhaps she is the café’s “sketcher.” She said we can choose a character or a symbol to be sketched onto our drinks. I chose Doraemon while my friend picked Totoro. By the way, the drinks were good!

After not more than 10 minutes, the desserts that we ordered arrived. It was nothing but a bunch of cuteness in it! It was so cute and very well presented that you don’t want to eat and ruin it. Before we ate it, the maid who served our food asked us to repeat whatever she’s going to chant and dance.

The only lyric I remembered was “moi moi” while doing a supposed to be “kawaii” hand moves. It was, of course, awkward at first, but according to the maid, that’s how you put “magic” in the food. I actually enjoyed it in the end.

After that, the food of the group of four Japanese girls arrived and they were so freaking adorable and cute too. I can’t help but look at their food but was careful enough to not stare for so long. Like us, it was followed by the chant. Since they were all Japanese, it was natural and cuter when they did it LOL.

We then had a bite of our dessert and surprisingly, it was very good. I had thought that by eating at a maid café, you are only paying for the gimmicky costumes and maid’s company but no, the food is perhaps the reason why maid cafés have loyal patrons.

All of a sudden, we regretted that we didn’t at the maid café for lunch. We couldn’t do anything about it anymore so my friend and I vowed that we will have lunch next time in a maid café.

@Home Café Akihabara Bitter and Sweet Parfait Chocolate
Bitter and Sweet Parfait Chocolate Unrequited Love at 900 yen.

License of Majesty card @Home café

License of Majesty card @Home café

Shy and Smiley Pose! @Home Café 7F in Akihabara

Snapshot with a maid and the Majesty Card

While we were eating our desserts, we were called to the stage to have our picture taken with our chosen maid. Her name is Eco.

After we finished eating, we were given coupons and a License of Majesty card which you can use in all @Home Café branches. Since this was our first time, we got a Level 1 Master Bronze Card for free. When all points are consumed, you’ll be leveled up to Silver Card, probably a Level 2 Master. We paid our bill afterwards.

Dining in a Maid Café was actually a fun experience and perhaps will be one of my memorable experiences while living in Japan.

Have you tried dining at Maid Café? Do you have a favorite maid café in Japan? Please share your experience!

@Home Café in Akihabara

Address: 〒101-0021 Tokyo, Chiyoda, Sotokanda, 4F, 6F and 7F
Closest Station: Akihabara Station, Akihabara Electric Town Exit
Entrance fee: 600 yen
Website: @Home café