Review: MOACC BBK Series Retro Designed Camera Bag

First of all, please be reminded that this is NOT sponsored. I used my own Amazon Gift Card to purchase this product which I got from Christmas last year.

MOACC BBK Series Camera Bag Review
I got the MOACC BBK3 Camera Bag

A camera bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag? After a year of using this camera bag, I finally decided to write a review about it. This is the only other camera bag I’ve owned after selling my LowerPro SlingShot 102 AW. Since it doesn’t look like a camera bag, I use it everywhere I go even if I’m not shooting.

I found this while searching for messenger camera bags on Amazon. It was the design and color that caught my attention; it reminded me of the bag Will Smith carried in the movie I Am Legend (btw I love that movie). MOACC BBK Series come in 6 styles with different sizes; the one I got was the BBK3 Brown and is priced at $46.99.

Bag Description

Description taken from Amazon website: A solid durable, retro and classical style camera bag. Take your DSLR camera with you on all your outdoor travels or wild and crazy adventures. This DSLR Camera Canvas shoulder bag keeps your camera protected and your accessories handy, so you can capture those extraordinary moments that happen in a split second. It is especially suitable for digital photojournalists, news, and sports photographers, also can be used in daily travels.

MOACC BBK Series Camera Bag Review
MOACC BBK3 Brown with 13.8 x 5.5 x 12.2 in. dimension.

Up-close review

I still remember how excited I was when the bag arrived. The new leather smell was intoxicating. It’s very spacious and looks exactly like the picture online. It has two side pockets and another two pockets in front. I just loved the retro look of it!

The padded insert fits my D3100 with 50mm attached, 55-200mm lens, Giottos Rocket Blower, charger, and macro filters. You can also read this post to see what photography items I always carry – it all fits in this bag. I don’t carry a laptop or tablet but I think a 10-inch laptop would fit in the bag although it might be a bit heavy to carry around.

For my daily commute or day hikes, I often remove the padded insert and use it as a casual bag. After a year of use, it’s still functional and serves its purpose but the stitches on the snap button have already come off. It barely survived a snowy night in Shirakawa-Go because it’s not waterproof but, luckily, the padded camera insert Whew.


  • Retro design. Doesn’t scream as camera bag.
  • Plenty of pockets.
  • Spacious if used as a casual bag.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Affordable! Camera bag that’s under $50!
  • Washable.
  • Great for everyday commute, travels and even day hikes!
  • Waterproof padded camera insert.


  • Although waterproof, the camera insert quality isn’t great — I find the cover a poorly designed and attracts dust easily.
  • Bag isn’t waterproof.
  • Stitches in the snap button strap comes apart easily if not used carefully.
  • There’s no place for tripod.


I’m sorry that the bag is now in state of being grimy. These are the photos after a year of use.

MOACC BBK3 Brown Top view

Padded camera insert

MOACC BBK Series Camera Bag

After over a year of use, the snap button strap gave up.
After over a year of use, the snap button strap gave up.

Using the bag

Not trying to model the bag but…

MOACC BBK Series Camera Bag
Its first hiking journey in Mt. Takatori


I would say that the MOACC BBK Series Camera Bag is the perfect companion for all laid-back photographers; its discreet and inconspicuous design makes it perfect for everyday travel photography. It’s also a great everyday bag for ladies. If you’re a fan of anything retro or vintage, I can vouch for this bag; with the trifecta of great quality, design, and functionality – this is a great camera bag!

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