Wisteria at Shobuen Iris Garden in Yokosuka

Don’t be sad when you missed the cherry blossom season because Wisteria season follows. Depending on the location, Wisteria flowers blooms in Japan from early till mid May.

Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi Prefecture is one of the most popular places to visit during Wisteria Season. Another very popular place for Wisteria viewing is Kawachi Fuji Gardens which is 5 hours from Tokyo.

However, since both gardens require long travel time, I sought to find some gardens near where we live and heard about the Shobuen Iris Garden in Yokosuka also known as Yokosuka Iris Garden or Kinugasa Iris Garden.

Wisteria at Shobuen Iris Garden, Yokosuka

It was a very beautiful Saturday morning and the temperature was starting to get warm. I told my husband that there was a beautiful garden in Yokosuka that I would like to see because its Wisteria season and he agreed to drive. We took the long route from Atsugi to Yokosuka for cheaper tolls. The garden wasn’t difficult to find to on the map.

There were few visitors in the garden when we arrived which makes it very serene to wander around. Adult fee was 300 yen and we started to walk in clockwise direction. Shobuen Iris Garden is popular for its Iris Flowers, that’s why its Iris Garden. But in Spring time, cherry blossoms and wisterias are rocking in this place.

Just at the right side of the entrance, we saw this very beautiful bamboo shed covered in Wisteria. I found out that wisterias are actually vines that only climb woods like bamboo. It was very beautiful and smelled really nice and thought I could spend whole day under the shed just sitting and relaxing if we live nearby.

Wisteria at Shobuen Iris Garden, Yokosuka

Wisteria at Shobuen Iris Garden, Yokosuka

Wisteria at Shobuen Iris Garden, Yokosuka

At the center of the garden, a very nice bridge landscape was very prominent. The bridge was built for better viewing of iris flowers when it reach its peak condition which is in June to July — another reason to come back to this place.

As we walked around further, we saw some purple wisterias that were already past peak, perhaps we arrived a little bit late, otherwise, the garden is splendid.

Flowers everywhere

There were several daisies and other flowers unknown to me scattered everywhere. Some are tiny, some are huge, and they are just very beautiful. You can’t even tell if they were real or not!! My fondness in flowers grew more when I visited this place.

My husband even noticed that I took many pictures of them. He thought that it’s because I don’t see many flowers from I where I from. I lived in city all through my life and I never saw so many beautiful flowers such these. Even when I was in Maine for several months, I was very fond of their flowers and the countryside living.

Enjoy. Have Fun. Be back soon!

After taking so many photos of wisterias and other flowers, we didn’t miss taking photos of ourselves. Before we left, we made sure to try their soft ice cream. I tried the peach-flavored ice cream while hubby tried the green matcha ice cream and both were very good!

They were also selling Yakisoba and other souvenir delicacies. You can also buy baby flowers at their garden stall.

Every first Saturday of June, Kinugasa Iris Festival is being held inside the garden where there will be shops, band performances, taiko (drums), baton flower, and refreshment stands.

Aside from that, June is peak season of beautiful hydrangeas and iris so we will definitely go back here soon.

How to Get to Yokosuka Iris Garden

By train: use JR Yokosuka line to Kinugasa Station, then take local bus #3 to Shobuen, get off Iris Garden stop, then walk 2 minutes to the Garden.

By car: Shutoko to Yokohama Higashi, then change to Yokosukashindo to Yokosuka. Or you type this on your Google Map — しょうぶ園

Japanese website: http://www.ryokukazouen.jp/iris/index.html