Hostel Review: Nikkorisou Backpackers

Nikkorisou Backpackers

There were few online reviews about Nikkorisou Backpackers, a secret rustic backpackers hostel in the heart of Nikko. Aside from TripAdvisor reviews, I am writing a full review, as well as my experience. I hope this helps other travelers, especially budget travelers or backpackers who plan on going to Nikko, Tochigi in the future.

Just 2 minutes away from the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Nikkorisou Backpackers is one of the top specialty lodgings in the city that is ideal for those who are on a budget but looking for a serene and cozy place to stay.Travel in Boots

I mentioned Nikkorisou Backpackers in one of my earlier posts as one of my top-rated budget hotels in Nikko. Although it was a short article, it gives a brief review of the hostel and summarizes why Nikkorisou Backpackers is a top choice among travelers—its accessibility to World Heritage Sites.


The hostel was actually a take-over. Nikko Backpackers was its old name and renamed to Nikkorisou Backpackers by its current owner, Hiro. Hiro was a very nice man. Originally from Nikko and a backpacker himself, he certainly knows what travelers want and how to accommodate them. He’s also an artist, specializing in Japanese calligraphy. His passion was reflected throughout the overall design of the hostel. His works of art were everywhere!

Taking a closer look, the hostel’s overall concept used sustainable materials. The beds, cabinets, tables and chairs, as well as several other furniture pieces were all made from sustainable materials. When Hiro noticed my curiosity, he mentioned that people in Nikko are more environmentally conscious compared to people in other parts of Japan. I also felt that he was doing his best to make the hostel environmentally friendly.


It was raining hard when I arrived in Nikko. I took the bus from Tobu-Nikko Station (Bus stop 2B) to 7th Stop (Shinkyo) and followed the instructions from his website on how to get to the hostel. I was soaking wet by the time I got there. When I arrived, I took off my shoes and yelled, “Konnichiwa!” Hiro then appeared, greeted me, and asked how my trip was. I introduced myself, saying that I’m from the Philippines and just moved to Japan. We chatted more. From there, I knew that he’s someone who’s easy to get along with. He then gave me the registration form. After I filled it out and paid 2,800 yen for the night, my eyes darted everywhere. I was amazed by the all the drawings and art on the wall. The hostel was indeed very rustic, as I read from the reviews online. Hiro was really accommodating all throughout the check-in process, making it a breeze.

Female Dorm

Room and Facility Tour

Hiro even helped me carry my stroller luggage to my room, the female dorm room. Luckily, I was the only guest checked in, and I had the entire dorm to myself. It was nice and clean inside, albeit a bit cold. I heard the sound of rushing water of the nearby stream that I later found out was connected to the Shinkyo Bridge. Since I was the only guest, Hiro told me to choose whatever bed I wanted. I chose the bottom bunk. I tried the bed and it was wonderfully warm and comfortable. You can see the rest of the room in the photos below.

We went downstairs again and he showed me the kitchen. Guests are free to use the kitchen and even cook, as long as they put everything back in place and keep the place clean. He told me about a group of travelers he had once who came from different countries. They had a grand cookout among themselves. The other guests later joined the cookout and they all had dinner together. That sounded like fun!

Female Dorm

Nikkorisou Backpackers Female Dorm

Toilets and Shower Room

There were two toilets (1st and 2nd floor) and one shower (1st floor) in the hostel that were very tidy and smelled nice. The shower room on the first floor has a traditional Japanese hot tub that guests can use. Just pay an additional fee for the hot water and it’ll be an instant onsen. Shampoo, body wash, and towels are provided, unless guests want to use their own. The toilets and the shower room all have artistic wall reminders to not waste water.

Nikkorisou Backpackers Dining Area

Nikkorisou Backpackers Leisure Area

Nikkorisou Backpackers' owner, Hiro

Final Words

I slept comfortably that night. I didn’t see any reason why anyone wouldn’t want to stay in this hostel. The owner’s hospitality, comfortable beds, rustic-feel facilities, and its accessibility to Shinkyo Bridge, the World Heritage Sites, and other tourist attractions, make this place a winner in my book. I would definitely stay in this place again when I visit Nikko in the future.

Quick Hostel Info

Mixed dorm – 2,600 yen // Female dorm – 2,800 yen // Private room – 3,600 yen
Between the months of November and April, additional 300 yen for the heater (Winter and Spring season)

You can reach Nikkorisou Backpackers through their Agoda. You can see a number of happy and satisfied travelers on the Facebook Page. If you have any questions regarding my stay, please leave a comment below or contact the Hiro, the owner respectively.