Make Your Own Noodles in Cup Noodles Museum Yokohama!

Cup Noodles Museum

I felt that my legs were developing varicose veins after a long excruciating walk from Motomachi to Minato Mirai 21 (UGH yea I walked that far!). So, I took a rest and had a refreshing mango drink and sugar rush banana chocolate crepe at the World Porters until my foursquare app sensed that Cup Noodles Museum was just around the corner. I decided to visit the place.

There weren’t too many people around when I visited the Cup Noodles Museum Yokohama. Glad I went here on a weekday. I was greeted by the always friendly Japanese staff and assisted me towards the ticketing lady. Adult fee was 500 yen and 300 yen for elementary school students.

Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama

The Instant Noodles History Cube, Noodles Bazaar and the Momofuku Theater were the only attractions open that time. The history cube showcases the different kinds of instant noodles from the time it was invented (1958) up to the present day. Our very own Filipino Cup noodles and Instant Pancit Canton were in this museum! The Momofuku Theater was open, however, I was immediately blocked by the staff when I attempted to enter and was told, “Japanese only.” I found out that movies was conducted in Japanese language and limited for Japanese or Japanese speaking people only.

Moving forward, it was amazing to learn that the first instant noodle was first marketed in 1958 by a Taiwanese-Japanese inventor Momofuku Ando then later produced by Nissin Foods in Japan. There were only 7 variety of instant noodles that time. Ando’s philosophy in life was quite simple — Peace will come when people have food. Eating wisely will enhance beauty and health. The creation of food will serve society.

I proceeded to 4th floor where the Noodles Bazaar was. Basically, it’s a food court but all you can buy are noodles.

Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama

My favorite part of the tour was the “Make your own Noodles.” I was actually really happy that availed this activity or else it’d be a boring tour as there’s really not much to see in this museum aside from the History Cube. An additional 300 yen was needed to experience the noodle making. The idea wasn’t exactly “making your own noodles,” but to customize your own cup noodles from the packaging decoration to the flavor of your choice.

I felt like a kid again when I decorated my cup noodle packaging. I realized that I haven’t done coloring for a long time. I was having fun! But time was limited when decorating your packaging to accommodate the next batch of guests/decorators. I then proceeded to the Factory and they put the noodles in my cup. Since I love curry, it was the main flavor of my cup noodles, and chose shrimp, crab meat, and tamago (egg) as the ingredients.

My finale Cup Noodle
My finale Cup Noodle!

It was already 5:30 p.m. when I finished just before the museum closed. Visiting Cup Noodles Museum was one of the main highlights of my Yokohama day tour. It is very enjoyable and best experience when you’re with friends or lover. I had fun but something was missing the entire time I visited Cup Noodles museum, I was alone and missing my husband, so I headed back home.

How to Get There

Train: The museum is an 8-minute walk from Minatomirai Station.