Japan Tourist Visa Invited by US Military or SOFA Status FAQs

Japan Tourist Visa Invited by US Military or SOFA Status

In this post, I’ll be discussing FAQs about getting a Japan Tourist Visa Invited by US Military or SOFA Status. Before anything else, I’d like you to read this: requirements for Japan Tourist Visa invited by a US Military.

Basically, the documents needed when applying for Japan Tourist Visa invited my a US military were the same with Tourist Visa for sightseeing and visiting friends but with the addition of Invitation Letter, Guarantee Letter, Most Recent Income Tax Return Copy (Form 1040 and Form W-2), and Statement of Service.

I collected these questions from my comment box section.

Q1. I am planning to visit my US military boyfriend in Japan. Do I still need to submit my bank certificate and/or ITR?

Not necessarily. Your boyfriend is your guarantor, so no need to submit your ITR or Bank Certificate. He just needs to submit his Form 1040 and W-2 and that would suffice it, along with guarantee and invitation letter both signed by him.

Q2. Where can we get Statement of Service?

He should be able to get one from his command in a day or two. If he’s on the ship, his command can get one too.

The Statement of Service should have his command’s signature and should be an original copy.

Q3. Should the Guarantee Letter and Invitation Letter be originally signed by him? Can he just sign it and scan it for me?

The Guarantee Letter and Invitation Letter should have his original signature on it. Therefore, he needs to mail the documents to you.

Q4. I’m only a friend, is this applicable to me? He would be my guarantor.

Yes! Just submit the required documents, some photos, chat or call logs to prove relationship.

Q5. We’re planning to get married in Japan and 15-day entry isn’t enough for us.

You can apply for a maximum of 90 days. To do this, state the reason in the Invitation Letter. I also strongly suggest to write a separate letter stating your purpose and address it to the Consulate-General of Japan. You can download a Letter of Explanation template here.

Q5.1 Do I still need a schedule of itinerary for the 90-day Tourist Visa Request?

Write another letter that stating that the schedule of itinerary isn’t applicable because you’re planning to get married and stay in Japan.

Q6. How can I get married to a US Military Personnel in Japan?

I cannot answer that question. I’m sorry. I suggest reading this blog.

Do you have anymore questions? Before you ask on the comment box, please take time to read the above FAQs again. Please. Please. If your question is already in the FAQs, I’m sorry but I will not respond to your comment/question.