Hiking Takatori-yama 高取山 (between Atsugi and Sagamihara)

Takatori Yama

Takatori-yama 高取山
Atsugi, Kanagawa

Peak: 705 m
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Ascend: 2 hours
Descend: 45 minutes
When to hike: All-year round. Beware of slippery soil especially after a rain.

Takatori-yama 高取山 is a 705-m mountain peak located between Atsugi and Sagamihara, Kanagawa which offers great views of Tanzawa mountains, man-made Lake Miyagase and Miyagase Dam. If doing an early morning hike, consider hiking its surrounding mountain peaks, such as Bukkasan 仏果山 (747 m) and Henmuro-yama 編室山 (644 m).

Beware of leeches! I got bitten by a leech on my lower left leg without me knowing and the bleeding was continuous (found out that leech produces anticoagulant while they suck your blood). So, make sure to check your socks and shoes for leeches after hiking. Leech killer is also available few minutes from the jump off point.

Getting There By Car: The jump off point is just 1-minute walk from the parking lot. Click here for the map to parking lot. Commuter access is still unknown (I still can’t read Japanese kanji!), although the nearest train station here is Hon-Atsugi Station.

What To Bring:
Sneakers or hiking boots
Plenty of water at least 1-2 Liters
Food and snacks
Thick hiking pants and thick socks (so leeches cannot penetrate)
Walking stick
Toilet papers

There are no toilets located on the hiking trails. Be considerate to other hikers by peeing off the trail as the soil gets very slippery when wet. If using toilet paper, properly dump it away from the trail too.

Hiking Takatori-yama was actually a great hike! We are definitely going back and hike the other mountain peak, the Bukkasan peak. See photos below.