Hiking Mt. Oyama via Yabitsu-Toge Trail

Hiking Mt. Oyama

Mt. Oyama (Mt. Ō-yama 大山)
Hadano, Kanagawa

Peak: 1,252 m
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult
Ascend: 1.5 hours
Descend: 45 minutes
When to hike: All-year round.

Located west of Kanagawa, Mt. Oyama 大山 is one of the most popular hiking spots in Kanagawa which offers a beautiful landscape of the entire Kanto region and when lucky on a clear day, Mt. Fuji.

Popular method when hiking Mt. Oyama is via Isehara station, then taking bus #4. However, in our case, we ended up hiking Mt. Oyama from Hadano Station to Yabitsu-Toge. How’d this happen? Originally, hiking Mt. Tanazawa was the ultimate plan. But due to poor sense of direction, the trail to Mt. Tanzawa was nowhere to be seen so, we decided to go back to the Yabitsu-Toge bus stop to hike up Mt. Oyama.

There’s really not so much to tell about this hike. No cable cars, no temples etc. This trail is simply stairs, stairs, misty forest, and stairs. Although exhausting, I vowed to hike to this sacred mountain again and begin from Isehara station to see the things that we missed along the way.

Getting There By Train: Take Odakyu Line Express bound to Odawara and exit at Hadano Station. From Hadano station, go to Yabistu Pass bus stop and take bus #21 going bound for Yabitsu-Toge.

What To Bring:
Sneakers or hiking boots
Plenty of water at least 1-2 Liters
Food and snacks
Walking stick