How and Where to Get a Hanko Stamp

Hanko Stamp

I recently got employed here in Japan and one of the requirements is having a Japanese bank account. As I entered the bank and asked for the procedure, the staff told me that I need to have a hanko. She speaks very little English but I still asked where to get a hanko and all I heard was Japanese.

As a military wife who doesn’t know anyone who has been in the same situation as me, I struggled trying to find the right place to get a hanko stamp. Whilst outside the bank, I posted my question in a support group for military wives but I didn’t get any answers.

Frustrated, I just went home and looked up the internet and found this useful blog, she mentioned, an all Japanese website, where she got her hanko stamp for $30 only.

I typed in the website and it was all in Japanese! I immediately push the [x] button and looked for more hanko websites in English. There were a couple of them but they were expensive $50 to even $100 or more. I just went back to Hankoya and in a matter 3 seconds, the website automatically translated into English. Thanks to Google Chrome.

I followed the instruction from Arisha’s blog and clicked the “Bank Stamps” or Bank Mark as per Google translation. It was the cheapest option as well for 2,700 yen ($23) only.

Warning: I have no Japanese skills. I relied everything from Google Translation and used common sense when I ordered the Hanko Stamp online.

If you’re unsure of what you’re doing I suggest you call a Japanese friend and order it for you. I received an email confirmation from Hankoya about the delivery of my hanko which was also in Japanese. They don’t have English support. I also used Gmail’s translation to read their email and replied in Japanese too using Google Translate! PHEW!

After 3 business days, I received my hanko in a very nice packaging and noticed that it was delivered from Osaka.


Here’s what it looked like when I received it:

Hanko Stamp

Hanko Stamp

Since I didn’t order an ink pad from them, I just got one from Daiso which was 108 yen only.

How to Order Hanko Stamp Online

How to Order Hanko Stamp Online

How to Order Hanko Stamp Online

How To Order Hanko Stamp Online

And here’s how I ordered it online step-by-step from left to right using Google Translate (click to zoom in):

How to order Hanko Stamp Online

The fifth picture, you have to type in your Name in Katakana or Kanji that you want to appear in your hanko stamp. I used this website to convert my name. After that, choose the payment method and fill out everything being asked. At that stage, I just used Romaji or English and they didn’t have any problems with it. Like Arisha, I am also a proud owner of hanko and was able to open a Japanese bank account. It felt so good when I got my first Japanese yen salary. HAHA.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below this post.