Foot Therapy in Vinawalk Ebina — My first foot massage in Japan

A foot or body massage in Japan can be pretty expensive. Despite being priced at $65++ or ¥6,500++ per hour, given the masseuse or massage therapist’s skills and services, I think that it is really worth your money. I highly recommend giving the massage here a try.

Foot Therapy in Vinawalk Ebina

Getting a foot massage is one of my favorite forms of relaxation. I became even more addicted to it after I discovered a blind massage center near our house. Yes, the masseuse or masseur is blind and I think that they are better than regular massage centers. I believe it’s because blind massage therapists are gifted with the healing touch. So, every time I feel stressed out, I would always go to their massage center and reward myself with a foot massage.

However, things have changed when I moved to Japan. The cost of living really increases when you’re in a first world country. In the Philippines, you can get a foot massage for around $15 to $20 per hour. Ridiculously cheap, isn’t it? It took me 7 months before I finally decided to have a foot massage last weekend. I decided to have a foot massage because I got impatient with my husband. He seemed like he just wanted to stick around the house and play his video games nonstop! He also looked like he didn’t want to be bothered because his door was shut!

So when I got bored, I went out without his knowledge and permission. I walked around Vinawalk Shopping Center in Ebina Station, and finally decided to try the Foot Therapy — the massage center that I would always pass by whenever I’m around the place. At first glance, the place can be a little bit intimidating but the staff from the front desk reached out and encouraged me to try their services. She was very nice and she didn’t judge me by the way I looked (I didn’t dress up nicely that day). A foot massage was all I ever wanted since I arrived in Japan so I immediately went inside as a walk-in customer.

Pay First

The place smelled so good and the music was very relaxing. The first thing you do when you get inside is pay. I chose the 30-min foot massage which was ¥3,850 (tax already included). I think this policy is a good thing because it makes it easier for customers to just leave once the massage is finished. Tipping in Japan after receiving a service or a care is a huge no-no.

Change Bottoms

I was ushered to a room to change my bottoms into a bohemian knee pants. They also provide lockers for your belongings. I handed the key over to my masseuse and she took care of it. She instructed me to sit down and soak my feet in warm water for 5 minutes. Even though my masseuse didn’t speak English, she was very helpful and accommodating.

The Massage

After five minutes and drying my feet thoroughly, she then instructed me to lie down. She covered me with a warm cozy blanket and placed an eye cover on. Oh yes, this is it. She used a massage oil or cream to start the action. I could feel it. Ohhmy… Holy cow. Holy cow. My whole body shivered with pleasure. I missed this feeling! The pressure was just right. Not too painful and not too light. I felt that she was also using a wooden massage tool to concentrate on the pressure points. More please! I hate it when the tapping massage started; it’s a signal that massage has already ended in that certain body part. I almost fell asleep until my masseuse informed me that it was done. No! I want more! I should have gotten the one-hour service.

After changing my bottoms and fixing up, the staff offered me a cup of tea to complete the experience. I left the place happy and satisfied.

Overall Experience

I had a very pleasant experience with Foot Therapy. I will definitely come back again. I wanted to take more photos of the place and the procedure itself but out of respect for other customers, I opted not to. There were no dividers in the massage area, but you’ll be covered in blankets to guarantee coziness and privacy. The place overall is very nice and neat, and gives an Asian feeling to it.

I definitely recommend Foot Therapy in Vinawalk Ebina for military wives or sailors stationed in NAF Atsugi. I’ve seen several more massage places around town like Ayase Town Hills, and I would give them a try some time. I’ll let you know my experience through this blog. Meanwhile, I will not stop looking for a massage center here in Japan which is done by blind massage therapists. If you happen to know one, please let me know by leaving a comment below!

Foot Therapy

Address: 2F Vinawalk Shopping Center, Ebina, Kanagawa. (3-min walk from Ebina Station)
Phone number: 046-292-0044
Hours of operation: Mondays to Sundays 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.