Common Reasons for a Denied Japan Tourist Visa

Reasons for a denied Japan Tourist Visa

  • The amount on your Bank Certificate was too big.

If you have a considerable sum in your bank account, you may want to present additional documents or proof. So, how much show money should you declare? Again, I wrote it on the tips above.

  • You requested more than 15, 30, or 90 days of stay.

As a Filipino “Temporary Visitor,” we are only entitled for 15 days, 30 days or 90 days of stay. So if you’re planning on staying for 20 days, you should put 30 days in your application form. If you’re planning on staying for 36 days, you should put 90 days in your application form.

Be very careful with this though, as you need to present additional documents to validate your purpose of stay. Usually, a 90-day request is for medical stay or emergency. Anything less than 15 days is okay. Again, Japanese Consul can only grant 15, 30 or 90 days of stay. They cannot give you exact 20 or 36 days on your visa!

  • You are married but your Purpose of visit is to visit your boyfriend.

Please don’t give the Japanese Consul a reason to automatically deny your application. Have your annulment processed first. If your annulment is in process, show a letter of proof from your lawyer and submit it with the other requirements.

  • Too many erasures on your visa Application Form.

I would recommend that you download the form, fill it out and print it.

  • You made your Schedule of Itinerary too complicated.

What is a complicated schedule of itinerary? You mention unnecessary people in your itinerary who are not visa applicants, unrealistic schedule of itinerary, etc. Don’t make things complicated. Just stick to the basic Schedule of Itinerary template and don’t add any anek-anek or kung anu pa man yan.

  • You are a freelancer or a business owner and you have no ITR.

As a freelancer or business owner, you are considered self-employed, therefore entitled to paying your taxes. If you haven’t done so, act now and file your taxes. Otherwise, the Japanese Consul would think that you are one of those tax evading entrepreneurs.

  • You applied for tourist visa without guarantor but you mentioned that you will be staying at your friend’s place.

Do not mention on your itinerary or anywhere on application form that you will be staying at your friend’s place. Chances are, the Consul will ask for additional documents from your friend to see if he is legally staying in Japan. This can delay the process of your application. Other times, they would just immediately deny you a visa. If you’d still like to mention your friend, then you need to apply for Japan tourist visa for Visiting Friends and have him be your guarantor for your trip.

  • Fraudulent documents.

Fake documents will not do any good to your application, especially faking PSA birth certificates.

  • Your purpose is to work in Japan.

Hell no! Do not try this. No. No. Uh-Uh. No!