Cheap But Great Attractions in Yokohama

If you want to explore Yokohama at its best but, for whatever reason, is not ready to splurge money to attractions with expensive admission fees, a great alternative is to visit these cheap but worth it places that’s just under 1200 yen. Great for solo travelers, the entire family, and loved by kids!

[numit number=”1.” caption=”Leisurely walk to the lovely Sankeien Gardens.”]

This traditional Japanese-style garden originally built in Kyoto should be the first thing that you must visit once you step foot on Yokohama City. It’s a huge beautiful garden featuring ponds and historic buildings and pagodas and is popular among locals for its cherry blossoms and beautifully changing golden leaves of autumn. As a foreigner in Japan, I would hang around here bring my laptop.

[numit number=”2.” caption=”Ride Japan’s fastest elevator and enjoy the panoramic views of Yokohama in the Sky Garden.”] Did you know that there are over 50 skyscrapers in Japan? Let alone in Tokyo there are over 30 of them, but there’s one skyscraper humbly standing among them (although not in Tokyo) — the Yokohama Landmark Tower in Kanagawa. What’s so special about it? It has the world’s second fastest elevator that could take you to the Sky Garden. Here, you can grab a whiskey while enjoying the 360 degree panoramic view of Yokohama.

[numit number=”3.” caption=”Decorate and make your own noodles at Cup Noodles Museum.”] Cup Noodles Museum is not your typical museum. This is where you can animatedly make and decorate your own noodles, thus making you feel young again. Don’t forget to invite your friends or family as it is best enjoyed when you share the fun with them.

[numit number=”4.” caption=”Fool your friends! Show off your photos from Trick Art Museum.”] Perhaps, after you made your own noodles and felt young again, why not visit a, yet, another museum that would make feel you even younger? There are several Trick Art Museum in Tokyo, but if you don’t feel like traveling far to those areas, next option is to visit the closest one.

[numit number=”5.” caption=”Get Tickled and Giggle By Having a Fish Pedicure.”] Located in the same building of Trick Art Museum, experience a quick foot bath with fish eating the dead skin cells off of your feet and skin at Dr. Kiss Fish Spa. Don’t forget to rinse first before dipping in!

[numit number=”6.” caption=”Spot the Cutest Animals in Zoorasia”] Yokohama Zoo or “Zoorasia” has been tagged as one of Japan’s largest and best kept zoos. Family and stroller friendly, this zoo highlights the cutest animals that you may have not seen before in typical zoos. Cuddly red pandas, sociable giraffe, girly camels, etc.

[numit number=”7.” caption=”Cosmoworld”]

There is no entrance fee at Yokohama Cosmoworld. Customers pay by rides which ranges from 300 to 500 yen for kid rides and 700 yen for the adult rides.

Have you ever been to any of these places? How was your experience? What else would you recommend for cheap attractions in Yokohama that isn’t on this list?
Thank you!