How To Really Buy Ghibli Museum Tickets (and Last Minute Tickets)

There are no tickets sold at the Studio Ghibli Museum. You must purchase tickets in advance which you will learn from this article. And all are legit ways. If living overseas 1. Lawson’s Official Website Price: 1,000 JPY This is the recommended and the smartest way of buying Ghibli tickets in advance for people living overseas […]

Kimono Rental Experience in Kyoto with Saganokan Shijo Shop

Disclaimer: This Kimono experience in Kyoto was provided as a free sample by JAPANiCAN. No part of this blog post/review is influenced. All opinions are honest and our own. If you have visited Japan or are currently living in Japan, you might notice that there are a number of ladies in a kimono or yukata […]

How to Really Apply for a Japan Tourist Visa (for Filipinos)

This post is for Filipino citizens residing in the Philippines. If you’re a Filipino residing abroad, please visit the nearest Embassy of Japan in the country where you live. This blog is solely for Japan tourist visa application ONLY. For questions about how to work in Japan, how to live in Japan, how to get Japanese […]

Universal Studios Japan 2019 Full Guide-Tops Tips & FAQs

Universal Studios Japan (USJ) ranked 5th[1] among the top 25 amusement parks across the globe. So, it’s clear that this park is crowded year-round. This can get especially crazy during Japan’s peak season. So, the question is: How do you get the most out of your USJ park visit?  Aside from going on the […]

El Nido, Palawan: Full Travel Guide (with Practical Itinerary)

El Nido, Palawan: Full Travel Guide with Practical Itinerary is a work in progress. I’ve been to El Nido many times, and just paid another visit in May 2017 to introduce my husband to one of my favorite places, and of course, to update this guide! This is perhaps the most updated El Nido travel […]