How to Really Apply for a Japan Tourist Visa (for Filipinos)

How to Apply for a Japan Tourist Visa for Filipinos

This post is for Filipino citizens residing in the Philippines. If you’re a Filipino residing abroad, please visit the nearest Embassy of Japan in the country where you live.

This blog is solely for Japan tourist visa application ONLY.

For questions about how to work in Japan, how to live in Japan, how to get Japanese citizenship, etc., this blog is NOT for you. If you didn’t find the information you are looking for after reading this blog, just leave a comment.

I am also available for a 30-minute Japan Tourist Visa Consultation online, which I highly recommend if you have a complicated situation or was denied of Japan Tourist Visa multiple times.

Without further ado, here is the step-by-step guide on how to apply for Japan tourist visa for Filipinos:

Table of Contents

1. Choose the visa type you are applying for.

The very first step is to visit the website of Embassy of Japan, in the Philippines, then look for “Types of visa.” There are, of course, many types of visa listed, but again, I will only focus on getting the tourist visa.

Next is ask yourself. Are you applying for a tourist visa to visit a relative? To visit a friend? Or are you visiting Japan just purely for sightseeing? Visiting Japan for different purposes requires different documents.

If you want to work in Japan with a tourist visa, close your browser now. As in right now. Get lost. Wake up early in the morning and head over to POEA to see if Japan is hiring Filipino workers, and apply there in person. Not here on my blog! Please don’t be stubborn. (In case you haven’t guessed by this point, I get this question FAR too often.)

Kidding aside. Once you finally determined the type of tourist visa you’re applying for, read the requirements thoroughly and carefully, and make sure to obtain them all as soon as possible.

2. Obtain and prepare the required documents.

Now that you know which Type of visa you are applying for, obtain all the required documents listed from the Embassy of Japan website.

Many applicants are confused on the requirements listed on the Embassy of Japan website. This is why I have carefully arranged these requirements as your easy guide.

Keep in mind that all documents must be original and in A4 format unless otherwise stated.

Requirements for Multiple Entry tourist visas

  • Visit Embassy of Japan website for complete requirements and see if you qualify.
  • Same requirements as the above with the addition of Request Form for Multiple Entry visa.

3. Choose an accredited travel agency.

Now that you have completed all the requirements, time to choose an accredited travel agencies. The Embassy of Japan in the Philippines, and Japan consular offices, no longer accept applications directly from the applicants but instead will accept applications through the accredited travel agencies. It is very important that you only apply through these accredited agencies. If your travel agency is not listed on the Embassy website, there’s a high probability that you are dealing with a middleman.

For applicants who live outside Manila or Cebu, contact at least one of the Travel Agencies for mailing instructions.

There are now 17 accredited travel agencies who can process your Japan tourist visa. Eight of them are well-established since they have been processing Japan visa so long.

Visa Processing Fees for Japan Tourist Visa

The visa fee for Japan tourist visa varies per travel agency and you must pay the fee after you have submitted your documents. Visa fees range from Php 700-1,500.

There’s no one particular agency which is recommended over the others, so just choose the agency that’s closest to where you live.

When I applied for the first time, I chose Reli Tours & Travel Agency, in SM Megamall, because it was the nearest to my house. My overall experience with them was OK; I had an unpleasant experience the first time I applied, as their staff was very unfriendly, especially the front desk. The second time I processed a visa application through them, those irate staffs were no longer there, and I had a better experience with the agency. I got my Japan tourist visa just 2 days after I submitted my documents.

For some, they would choose the cheapest travel agency such as Discovery Tours which process Japan tourist visa for without guarantor for 800 pesos only. This is where my mother would always apply for her visa because they have the cheapest rate for tourist visa invited by the military. She would always get a call from them 3 business days after she submitted her documents.

4. Submit requirements to the agency and pay the processing fees.

Before you go to the travel agency, double check if you’ve met all the requirements, and have all the correct documents. This saves you time and money, avoiding going back and forth to the travel agency.

Each travel agency has different processing fees. Some would require you to pay down payment, and some would ask you for the full price up front. So make sure to call them first before going and verify the correct price for the type of visa you are applying for.

5. Wait for the call.

If you receive a call from the travel agency, it’s either because you’re lacking a document or your passport is ready for pickup.

For some reason, agencies do not disclose results over the phone. You will find out only upon passport pickup; a white sticker at the back of your passport indicates that your visa application was approved. Congratulations! A red sticker, on the other hand, denotes that your application has been denied.

It usually takes 2 to 3 business days to process your application provided that all required documents were submitted and are in order.

Japan Tourist Visa Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Visiting Universal Studios Japan
Visited Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. I got my USJ tickets here.

I collected these FAQs from my comment box section.

1. Do Filipinos need a visa to enter Japan?

So, you’re one of the gullible Pinoys who use Facebook too much and believes in fake news. The Embassy of Japan in the Philippines released an Official Notice to the Public that Japan has not lifted the visa requirements for Philippine national. Although recently, the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines has announced the Relaxation of visa Requirements for Filipino Nationals. So, yeah, you still need to apply for Japan visa.

2. How many days can a Filipino tourist stay in Japan?

Japanese Consul can grant 15, 30, and 90 days of stay to Philippine nationals.

3. How long is the processing time for Japan Tourist Visa?

If the documents are complete and in order, usually 2 to 3 business days.

4. I am a dependent of a US Military personnel stationed in Japan. I have a military card. Do I still need a tourist visa?

If you’re a Filipino residing in the United States, please refer to the Embassy of Japan-US website. If you’re a Filipino residing in the Philippines, you still have to apply for a visa Invited by Military Personnel (SOFA STATUS) through the accredited agency.

5. Do you think my visa application will be approved?

I am not the Consulate-General of Japan. I am not in the position to answer your question. Please, don’t ask this.

6. I have a Japanese boyfriend and he’s inviting me to visit Japan. He’s willing to sponsor. But the problem is, I am still married but separated with my current husband.

Process your annulment first. For Pete’s sake. Please don’t ask me these kinds of questions.

7. How can I apply for a multiple-entry Japan tourist visa?

Please refer to the Embassy of Japan in the PH website, and check first if you are eligible.

8. Do the Invitation and Guarantee letters have to be original with Signature?

Yes. Yes and Yes. Invitation letter and Guarantee letter should be both original. Tell your guarantor to mail the original documents to you. Mailing Express documents from Japan to the Philippines only takes 7 to 10 days. Mail. Mail. Mail.

9. How much money show money should I have on my bank certificate?

Read my separate article: Japan Tourist Visa Application Tips for Filipinos.

10. My visa Application was denied. But I really want to see cherry blossoms. When can I apply again for Japan tourist visa?

You may apply again after 6 months. Be persistent!  Also read: Common Reasons for a Denied Japan Tourist Visa

11. I just want to ask if I can visit Japan? So that I can visit my uncle, aunt, brother, and sister.

Of course, yes, you can visit them. Just apply for a Japan tourist visa and submit the required documents.

12. Do I need to book flight tickets and hotels in advance?

Not really necessary. But I would recommend that you book through sites that have ‘Book Now Pay Later’ feature. This allows you to do mock booking without paying in advance. Such booking websites are Booking (my favorite), Agoda, and even Airbnb.

13. How early can I apply for Japan visa?

At least 2 months before your travel date.

14. I have an unused and expired Japan tourist visa. Will it affect my application?

I am not the Consulate-General of Japan. I am not in the position to answer your question! Please. Just submit the required documents.

15. Can I mention that I will be staying at a friend’s place?

If you are applying for a tourist visa without a guarantor, never mention it. Also read: Common Reasons for a Denied Japan Tourist Visa

16. How can I be a citizen of Japan?

Please don’t ask me. I don’t know.

17. Can I work in Japan with a tourist visa?

No. No. No. Do you want me to report you?

18. What if I already have a confirmed flight ticket. Can I submit it with the requirements?


Do you have any more questions? Please leave your message below.