Travelin’ Boots is our personal blog where we share our journey while being stationed in Japan as a military couple. Unfortunately, we are leaving Japan this year…

We also have a Japan travel blog where we share tips and information for first-timers.

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  1. Hello. when I stay in my travel to the philippines. I enjoyed your blog, and I just amazed, when I looked to your topic about Shinjuku Bombay. because I also LOVE that restaurant’s butter chicken curry, definitely YES! that one is great. I wanna go there again cause of your blog :)

  2. Hi Ada, I just recently subscribed to your blog,and I am very happy to see a fellow Filipina who I can relate too. I am currently working on how to make my own blog and hopefully I can share my experiences as well in the near future. I am currently living in China, working as a kindergarten ESL teacher, I just recently moved in for a few weeks. I have a fiance who was in the ARMY in USA and now he is also working here in China but he is far from the province where I work and live. My first choice is Japan, I’ve been there, I had read few of your blogs about it. I want to know how to apply there, because me and my fiance are planning to move next year either to South Korea or Japan, I also want to work there as an English teacher, and after my contract ends here, I am hoping I can move to Japan. I’m glad I found your blog, it inspires me so much. I can relate to your blog because we have the same nationality. Thanks so much..

    • Hello Ana! I’m very happy that you found my blog too! I hope to blog more topics that would help people like us in the same situation, feel free to share your blog here. China always interests me and hopefully visit it someday. I love Japan deeply and adventures and possibilities are endless. Since you’re already working as an Esl teacher, I’m pretty sure it’ll be very easy for you to find a job here in Japan and South Korea. I personally haven’t been to South Korea but hey, I think Japan will suit you better!

      • Thank you for the response Ada, Hope to meet you someday. China is a huge country, I am pretty sure, you will like it here. :) I am looking forward to move and travel to Japan as well. Yeah, experience is the key to be able to land in a job there. I’ll take note of what you said! Thanks again ! Let’s enjoy our life to the fullest!:) #excited

  3. yes po!
    I tried some indian restaurant (especially butter chicken curry) around Tokyo.
    but I still not find better taste than Bombay.
    now your blog gave me remind the taste.
    so I’ll go there soon with my dear person.
    if you can.. let’s join us! ;)

  4. Hi, i am a fan of your site and i think your blog is lovely and your pictures are cool. May i know what kind of camera you are using?

  5. Hello! im also fan of your blogsite. BTW, I’ve just applied for Japan Visa (actually SOFA status), my Guarantor was my cousin(1st degree).All the required documents were complete and i dont why my Visa was denied. Any tips that you can give me so i can use whenever i will apply again. it’s my first time to travel so my passport has no marks. does it also affect my application? Thanks and godbless!

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