5 Reasons To Marry a Filipina

It was a few days before our first wedding anniversary, while flipping through random humorous Filipino blogs about commonly mispronounced English words (we’ll get back to this), when she turned to me and asked me to write a list of 10 reasons to marry a Filipina.

Well, after the sting on my arm went away from telling her I couldn’t think of 10 reasons she blackmailed me into entering the foray of blogging and write for her; what better subject to start with then the one she forcefully asked me to write. So, without further ado, here are my 5 reasons why marry a Filipina, as told by an American who married the one that made him write this list.

1. The Accents

HippopotamusAs I mentioned in the intro, this whole list started whilst searching the internet. What was I spending time searching the collective knowledge of all mankind for? A new recipe to try perhaps? Blueprints for constructing a new deck for my house? Perhaps I was simply broadening my knowledge by studying a new subject.

No, of course I was using the greatest source of knowledge on the planet like everyone else, cat pictures, and finding new words that are commonly mispronounced by Filipinas, and asking my wife to say it. Is it wrong to laugh at someone for something that they grew up with not knowing any better? Yes, however, since the first time I heard my wife attempt to say ‘Hippopotamus’ (and laughed uncontrollably for at least 10 minutes),

I knew it was one of the many reasons that I loved her, and it’s one of the cutest things you will notice about them.

2. The Very Large Family

When I visited her in 2010

Assuming that you don’t somehow managed to get on the bad side of the family, this is without a doubt one of the best things about saying “I Do” to you know who. As an American, I certainly have a large extended family. However, where I may know who my 2nd cousin and distant aunt might be, I’m probably not running into them more than a handful of times in my life; this is not the same in a Filipino household.

The day I first met the wife’s family in Manila, was as nerve wrecking as any man’s first meeting, little did I know at the time however what I was about to experience. It was overwhelming at first, as I was ushered into a room of about 15 people, each one an aunt, cousin, sister or brother, and of course her parents; this was only the welcome committee however.

Philippine families are very large and very close; and this is one area I simply can’t explain, it’s simply different than an American’s view of a close family and it needs to be experienced for yourself. I’ve never felt more welcomed by total strangers before or since that day, it was like I was part of the family as soon as I saw them. I’d like to think it was my good looks and magnetic personality which helped me in this endeavor, however I believe the real reason was more likely to be that I couldn’t stop eating the food everyone brought. Speaking of segues.

3. The Food

Cooking sinigang for the first time.

Now while there are certainly some VERY notable exceptions (which will be discussed on another list) the Philippines has a number of amazing dishes and, as a food lover, this is a personal favorite of mine. The day I met the wife’s family we had a barbecue, and I was trying my best to be dignified and polite by not loading my plate with half of everything. Much to my most pleasant surprise this cunning tactic was greeted with cocked heads of confusion, as if I were insulting their cooking!

Needless to say, I ended my farce as soon as the first person “forced” me to take large serving of Pancit Bihon. There are few things on this planet as wonderful as a culture that enjoys food and cooking, and that is certainly true of the Philippine culture.

4. They Love to Have Fun

Wifey brought me to a Filipino Teachers in Japan gathering!

Now, I know that you’re probably thinking “But everyone likes to have fun, this is a dumb answer, GET OFF THE INTERWEBS!!!!” but hear me out. While it’s true that everyone likes to have fun, there are few places where laughter is as prevalent as a gathering of Filipinas. Where most women would hit you in the side and tell you that you’re embarrassing her in front of her friends, a Filipina wife is more likely to be the first person recording what you’re doing in case it turns out to be hilarious, and possibly to blackmail you with it later (seriously, don’t post that picture hun!).

Between karaoke, pot lucks, barbecues, and traveling, Filipina’s are always looking for new reasons to gather in groups and have a good time, which leads to lots of laughs, and long happy relationships.

5. Love


While my list may have a number of facetious comments and some tongue-in-cheek subjects this one is (mostly) serious. There are few people in the world that can love as much as a Filipina, you will feel it every time they look at you, hold you, or slap you for making comments about their funny accent.

They will be your closest ally, and faithful companions to journey through life with.

Love, care, and protect them and they will do the same for you, wrong them and you might as well go into witness protection because, referring to number 2 on this list, you will always be outnumbered…just saying.

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