Top 10 Must See Places in Nikko

“Never say beautiful unless you’ve seen Nikko..”

Curious? Why not actually pay a visit you won’t regret? But of course, since you can’t wait anymore, we’ll bring you to a fare-free ride first. Just a sneak-peek though of what really awaits you in Nikko. Well, at least you get to excite yourself and look forward for your next escapade bound straight to Nikko, Japan.

Nikko is the home of great UNESCO World Heritage Sites, hot springs, breathtaking waterfalls and scenic riverside trails. The highlights of Nikko start of from simple to awesome and awesome to grand. If you’re planning for your next Asian tour, consider opting this place and all the money is worth it.

Without much chitchat, here we proceed to the ten best sites you should list in your once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

[numit number=”1.” caption=”Nikko UNESCO World Heritage Sites”] There are three main features in Nikko UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites: The Toshogu Shrine, Rinnoji Temple, and Futarasan Shrine. The Toshogu Shrine was built to serve as the memorial place of Tokugawa Leyasu where his remains were buried. Leyasu became one of Japan’s most popular and influential persons. This makes Toshogu a perfect subject for historians and historians-at-heart to explore.

Next is the Rinnoji Temple. It was built by a Buddhist monk Shodo in 766 and became especially appealing to other monks who seek for solitude in their meditation routine. The site has 15 buildings waiting for you to see.

Finally, you have the Futarasan Shrine, a Shinto Shrine which is the home of 130 swords dubbed as Japan’s national treasures and cultural property.

But these three are not the only ones you should check out. Nestled between the town and Nikko’s main shrines is the tough-standing, Shinkyo Bridge.

Walking on that beautiful arch over Daiya River might be one of the rarest walks of your life. It is considered as one of the greatest architectural works of Japan. It is ideal for those ‘senti’ moments you wish you could have the luxury from time to time. Think of the movies where awesome bridges overhear the main protagonist’s soliloquys, rants, cries, and the list goes on. You can have that cinematic moment too!

[numit number=”2.” caption=”Bake Jizos of Kanmangafuchi Abyss”] Experience one of the finest adventures in Japan by opting for a riverside trail in the Kanmangafuchi Abyss. Another main feature of the place is Jizo’s 70 stone statues placed in a row overlooking the river. Kanmangafuchi Abyss was a product of serendipity by an eruption of Mount Nantai. That’s a bonus fun fact! Why not go there and see for yourself, right fella?

[numit number=”3.” caption=”Yumoto-Onsen”] Hot springs might be a relaxing treat for your worn out body after the long monotonous cycle of work, work, and work. Yumoto-Onsen is the answer, as it is a hot spring town where plunging in the warm, yet refreshing waters is absolutely open for everyone.

[numit number=”4.” caption=”Lake Chuzenji”] Situated at the foot of Mount Nantai, is Lake Chuzenji, another grand product of serendipity from the volcano’s eruption about 20, 000 years ago. The breathtaking view of the lake is no joke a never-you-should-miss once in a lifetime visual pleasure.

[numit number=”5.” caption=”Nikko Edo Wonderland”] Ever wished of becoming a ninja or seeing one? Well, that is not impossible with Edo Wonderland’s time travel adventure. This Japanese culture theme park showcases a typical life back in the Edo period. You may watch ninja shows, or experience living like a real ninja. For Japanese anime lovers- this is perfect for you! Who knows, the experience might make you discover your hidden boomerang or shuriken power lurking just inside you.

[numit number=”6.” caption=”Tobu World Square”] Now here’s where another fun starts. A one-stop trip that will bring you to the places around the world at the same time and at the same location. Oh, wait, isn’t that confusing? Actually, no. Because at Tobu World Square, you can witness the major historical sites and great architectural works from all over the globe. You may picture it as a miniature of the world’s highlights. It is divided by region. Therefore, you can set out for Europe, Asia, and so on in just a day! Featured in the theme park are the Great Sphinx and Pyramids of Egypt, Twin Towers, Korea and India and many more.

[numit number=”7.” caption=”Ryuzu Waterfalls”] Satisfy your eyes with another scenic view: the dragon head-shaped Ryuzu Waterfalls. October is the most ideal month to visit the place, as the autumn colors form a vivid pattern in trees that turn yellow and red during the season. This makes the place, a more dragon-inspired natural masterpiece.

[numit number=”8.” caption=”Nikko Tamozawa Imperial Villa”]

The Japanese vibe is never complete without visiting the unique Japanese home featured in most Japanese animes we’re fond of. The Tamozawa Imperia Villa is a combination of traditional Edo and early modern Meiji Period Architecture. The Villa became a summer home of the Imperial family back then. However it was neglected after World War II. Good thing, it’s now back in shape and ready to amaze excited visitors like you.

[numit number=”9.” caption=”Yutaki Waterfalls”]

This is a wow of a waterfalls trail! You may freely get close to it and touch the freezing waters. Try it now!

[numit number=”10.” caption=”Kegon Waterfalls”]

This 100-meter tall waterfall is ranked as one of the three most beautiful waterfalls in Japan. Explore nature through this water escapade. There is an ease of access in the paid observation platform which enables you to see the most awesome angles of Kegon Waterfalls. If you’re short of budget, that’s no problem too. There is an observation platform that is free of charge too.

So you’ve enjoyed the fare-free ride? Yeah, we can actually read how unsatisfied you are. That’s because imagination is not enough. Plan your itinerary, pack your stuff and head out for Nikko one of these days.

And oh, don’t forget to capture every moment with your most gorgeous selfies.