Day Tour of Japanese Themed Café in Tokyo

Yesterday, I decided to visit 4 notable novelty cafés in Tokyo namely Moomin Bakery and Café in LaQua, @Home Café in Akihabara, R.A.A.G.F. Bunny Café and Choosy Cat Café near Harajuku.

Originally, the plan was to visit each café by myself until a friend messaged me. Since we haven’t seen each other for a long time, I invited her if she’s interested in exploring these cafés with me and she happily agreed.

01. Moomin Bakery and Café in LaQua

Our first stop was the Moomin Bakery and Café in LaQua, so we met up at Suidobashi Station. My friend “got lost” and was almost an hour late for our meetup. HAHA. I first saw Moomin when I was still in the Philippines and a TV show featured these cute stuffed toys to accompany you to eat.

Moomin’s breads are to die for and not to mention it is a buffet. Yep. All you can eat bread! We loved their food and it was such fun way to start the day.

Location: Moomin Bakery Café 1-1-1, Tokyo Dome LaQua 1F.
Closest station: Suidobashi Station.

Dining with Moomin

02. @Home Café 7F in Akihabara

@Home Café is a Maid Cafe that has several chain branches in Akihabara and three of their cafés are in the same building. We wanted to try the Home Café on the 6th Floor because of its cute and girly decorations, but it was full. Since the 7th floor was quite empty, we decided to just go there.

The 7th floor is not stylish, however, we find most of their maids attractive compared to other floors. Our maid Eco was a very good English speaker. One memorable and fun thing here was the chant, sing-along with the maid while they put “magic power” on our food. We ordered dessert since we already had lunch at Moomin and it was very good!

Location: @Home Café 7F 1-11-4, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 4F-7F.
Closest station: Akihabara Electric Town Exit.

Doraemon Sketch Green Latte

03. R.a.a.g.f. Rabbit Café in Harajuku

At 700 yen with a free drink of your choice, you get to interact with rabbits for 30 minutes. What we like about this café is the quiet and really relaxing environment. Staff will explain the rules to you first. The place is really small so reservation is highly recommended when visiting.

Location: Jingumae 6-14-15.
Closest Station: Meijijingumae Station A7 Exit.

Feeding Rabbit Seri

04. Choosy Cat Café in Harajuku

We didn’t really originally plan to go here, but it’s just beside the R.a.a.g.f. Rabbit Café so why not check it out. At 500 yen, you get to play with cats for 30 minutes. The place is actually very small compared to other cat cafés I’ve seen online.

It was quite boring too probably because we were the last customer and cats were too tired. Nevertheless, the owner was very nice. I plan to visit more cat cafés around as this one didn’t really click with me. I’d still recommend this one though is its just on the opposite side of the RAAGF cafe.

Location: Jingumae 6-14-15.
Closest Station: Meijijingumae Station A7 Exit.

Poor cats wants to sleep

Japanese Café Culture hopping cost (per person in JPY):

  • Moomin Bakery and Café – 1,380 yen.
  • @Home Café – 2,376 yen
  • R.a.a.g.f. Rabbit Café – 700 yen (30 minutes) + 150 yen for the rabbit’s food
  • Choosy Cat Café – 500 yen (30 minutes)

Total – 5,106 yen. Not bad for a Japanese Café Culture day tour right?!

Have you been to any of the novelty cafés in Japan? What’s your favorite? Please share your recommendation by leaving a comment below.