Tama Area Full Guide for 2019-9 Best Experiences in Western Tokyo

This is a great guest post from Henry of Voyagin. Voyagin specializes in unique local experiences, and Japan is their specialty. They help you book attraction tickets, find the best things to do, and even help you reserve a spot at popular Michelin restaurants in Japan. Their hero customer service support is what sets them [...]

Japan Tourist Visa Requirements (For Filipino Students or Applicants with a Guarantor outside Japan)

If you are a student, unemployed, housewives/househusbands, or a freelancer unable to provide ITR, there must be someone in your family who can sponsor your trip. Is there anyone you know who’s employed and has ITR, Certificate of Employment or DTI Business Permit, and bank certificate? Ask them to help you out. It could be [...]

Japan Tourist Visa Requirements (For Filipinos Visiting a Friend)

These are the requirements for the tourist visa if visiting a friend in Japan. Visiting your boyfriend or girlfriend also applies here. You can download the complete checklist here. In addition to the basic requirements, you need to submit the following: Documents to prove the relationship. Includes chats, texts, emails, and photos. Invitation Letter. Completed and [...]

Japan Tourist Visa Requirements (For Filipino Spouse, Family Members & Relatives)

Applying with a guarantor or sponsor is great for applicants who don’t have proof of income like ITR and Bank Certificate. If you have a family member living in Japan, ask them if they can be your guarantor for your Japan visa application. Guarantor's documents also help increase the chances of your visa approval. You can [...]

Japan Tourist Visa Requirements (For Filipinos Without Guarantor)

For OFW Abroad: Close your browser now! Please visit Japan Embassy in the country where you reside to check the requirements. If you are visiting Japan mainly for sightseeing without any guarantor or sponsor, these are the documents you must prepare. These are also called the basic requirements. You can also download the checklist here. Valid Philippine [...]

Ghibli Museum Full Guide & Review (Is it Really Worth Visiting?)

Studio Ghibli is one of the most influential animation studios in the world. It has enthralled audiences young and old for over 30 years. This is due to the love, care, and attention to detail Hayao Miyazaki has placed into each of his films. The Ghibli Museum, likewise, has received that same level of love, [...]