Beginner’s Travel Guide to Hiking Mt. Batulao (Day Hike)


By Bus: Take a bus that is bound for Nasugbu – Lemery. Inform the conductor that you’ll be going to Mt. Batulao. Exit the bus when you get to Evercrest Golf Course in Lemery, Batangas. Travel time is roughly 2 to 3 hours depending on the traffic.

Once you get to Evercrest, you can either walk or take a tricycle going to the jump-off point which is PHP 20.00 per head. In our case, since we ran out of budget, we have to walk from Evercrest going to the jump-off point.

By Car: Follow the route to Tagatay until you see Evercrest.

Hiking Mt. Batulao

For Day Hike

  •  1.5 to 2 L of water
  • Energy drinks (Pocari Sweat or Gatorade)
  • Hiking or trekking shoes. Sandals aren’t recommended. It’s very dusty.
  • Sun protection (hats, sun block, headgear, sunglasses)
  • Hiking gloves (optional but recommended)
  • Food (Snack and Lunch)
  • Picnic mat
  • Huge size Umbrella (optional if you don’t have tent)


  • Tent of course
  • Cooking equipment
  • Prepare PHP 30.00 per head for the camping fee



Price in Php per head 
422.00 Total expenses
132.00Cubao to Evercrest Lemery, Batangas via Jam Liner (one-way)
106.00Evercrest to Pasay LRT (Taft)
14.00LRT Pasay to Cubao
25.00Buko Juice
25.00Mountain Dew
100.00Food and water


Price in Php per head 
30.00Overnight fee
10.00Tae (Poopoo)
5.00Ihi (Urinate)
300.00Tour guide (for the whole group)

In our case, even if it was our first time hiking (ever) to Mt. Batulao, we didn’t get a tour guide because as I have said, we ran out of budget. Surprisingly, we were able to hike Mt. Batulao without hiring a tour guide. We got lost a lot of times, but thanks to the friendly locals living in the area, we were able to ask them from time to time.

Tour guide costs PHP 300 for the whole group. From there, we were able to save PHP 43.00 each.


1. Do you recommend hiring tour guide?
Yes and No. Yes, if you’re a beginner and not confident of hiking Mt. Batulao by yourself. And by hiring tour guide, you contribute to the lives of children who happened to be your tour guide. Tour guides are aged 9 to 14 years old.

No. Trail is very visible and easy to follow. It’s impossible to get lost once you started ascending. You can just possibly follow other hikers with tour guide.

2. Which trail is harder, the old or new?

3. What is the difficulty level?
4 out of 9.

4. How many hours to ascend and descend?
Ascend: 2 to 3 hours. Descend: 1 to 2 hours.


  • Nicole Yvonne Flores

    Hello! Ask ko lang what if ikaw lang mag isa maghike then first timer how much yung tour guide? Kasi kung group 300php?

    • Ada Wilkinson

      Hi Nicole, probably 200 Php. But when you get there, you really don’t need a guide because the trail is very visible. And you will not get lost. ;-)

      • emi lynne

        hi also want to try hiking.. its my first time and alone.. coz my frens dont want to go with me.. sana di ako ma.out of place..

        • Ada Wilkinson

          Good luck Emi! Mt. Batulao is a beautiful hike.

  • Ada Wilkinson

    Hi Nicole, probably 200 Php. But when you get there, you really don’t need a guide because the trail is very visible. And you will not get lost. ;-)

  • Maricris Majaba

    Hi. merom bcng nagrerenta ng tent jan sa batulao. please answer me asap. badly nid ur response

    • Ada Wilkinson

      Hello, you need to bring your own tent. Wala pong rentahan ng tent

      • Maricris Majaba

        bkt sabi po nila meron.. confused. •﹏•

        • Ada Wilkinson

          Nakapagtanong ka na pala. Haha. Last year pa ko nagclimb dito. Ewan ko lang now

          • Maricris Majaba

            for clarificationg lang po. hehe.

  • Mark Pantallon

    Hi we are planning to go to Batulao this coming weekend. Is there a guide available as early as 4 am or 5 am in the morning? Do they have contact numbers? We wanted to have an early trek so that we can start descending before lunch.

    • Ada Wilkinson

      I am not sure about that. But if there’s no available guide, you don’t have to worry because the trail is very visible. Just bring flashlight because it’s still dark in those times.

  • Melvin Pega Ramos

    Please do visit Mt. Batulao official :>

  • yieldstress .

    Hi, I want to hike with my dog in batulao. Think its ok to bring my dog with me?

    • Ada Wilkinson

      Hello, I am really not sure if you can do this. When we hiked, I haven’t seen hikers with dog around. But I would not recommend it because there are trails that are very very steep and you wouldn’t want to scare other hikers away for risk of fall.

  • Paolo Oro

    Hi, my friend and I are planning to go to Batulao this Friday. I was looking for bus lines along Cubao that can bring us to Evercrest (Taft is too tough and far, haha) and I’ve read that your rode via JAM. Did you have any problem with JAM? Does this mean they have buses that drop you off at Evercrest? I’m just confirming this because I’ve read negative comments about them, too. Thanks!

    • Ada Wilkinson

      We had a bad experience with JAM Liner and they dropped us off in a wrong part of Batangas. To avoid the mistake we made, be sure to ride JAM Liner bus going to Nasugbu – Lemery.

      • Paolo Oro

        I inquired with JAM Liner’s FB page, though, and they said they don’t have trips to Evercrest, or Batulao, for that matter. I guess we shall try at the Coastal Mall terminal instead.

  • Jhom Acabal

    Hello po! From Evercrest to jump-off point po ba kaya na lakarin?? how many hours po pag nilakad yun?

    • Ada Wilkinson

      I remember it was 30-40 minutes

      • Jhom Acabal

        ai malayo din po pala. HAHAHAHA. pero magkano po yung bayad pag nag-trike? Or do they have fixed price when you rent them from evercrest to jump-off? THANKS :) TIA.