All About El Nido Budget & Expenses

El Nido Budget and Expenses

Most people think that traveling to El Nido costs too much. If you’re one of them, let me show you a comprehensive El Nido budget guide which includes expenses and price breakdowns when traveling to El Nido. This post aims to help you believe that traveling in this beautiful paradise is indeed very affordable.

Conversion rate:1 Php = 0.023 USD as of 2014

Transportation Costs and Getting Around

The cheapest bus going to El Nido from Puerto Princesa is the RoRo Bus which is Php 250.00 (non-aircon) but the travel time is 7 to 8 hours while the air-conditioned bus (RoRo Bus) is Php 483.00 with travel time of 5 to 6 hours. For shuttle van, price ranges from Php 600.00 to 700.00 with travel time of 5 to 6 hours as well.


The cheapest accommodations in El Nido are fan rooms starting from Php 300.00 to 350.00 per night. For family rooms (good for four), cheapest you can find is Php 1,500 to 2,500 per night. You can also refer to my list of cheap accommodations in El Nido.


There are plenty of traditional eateries in the town proper or also called as turo-turo or “point-point” in English which mean, you point what you want to eat from a variety of choices and then pay as you order. Meal ranges from Php 40.00 to 60.00 includes rice, viand, plus soup or vegetable.

While nice bar and restaurants range from Php 150.00 to 300.00 per meal.

Going around El Nido town proper

Tricycle is Php 8.00 only (shared).

El Nido Budget and Expenses

Tour Price and Gear Rentals

Tours and GearsPrice per head
Environmental Fee (1-time only)PHP 200.00
Island Hopping Tour APHP 1200.00 (buffet lunch included)
Island Hopping Tour BPHP 1300.00 (buffet lunch included)
Island Hopping Tour CPHP 1300.00 (buffet lunch included)
Island Hopping Tour DPHP 1300.00 (buffet lunch included)
Island Hopping Tour EPHP 500.00 – 1,100.00 (buffet lunch included)
Taraw Cliff ClimbingPHP 300.00 – 350.00
Snorkeling gearsPHP 100.00
KayakPHP 800.00 – 1,200.00 (single & double)
FinsPHP 100.00
Underwater Camera RentPHP 500.00 to 800.00
Note: Some tour agencies includes free use of snorkeling gears.


There are several souvenir stores in the town proper of El Nido. Surprisingly, they have unique items which cannot be found in other places, so might as well grab that opportunity to purchase it. Haggling does not apply to most of the stores in El Nido, but don’t be disappointed. They are only trying to make a living. Don’t be too stingy!

  • Postcards – Php 20.00 to 30.00
  • El Nido T-shirt – Php 200.00 to 400.00
  • Display items – Php 100.00 to 800.00

Estimated cost of the entire El Nido trip (per head)

Availing a package tour in El Nido through agency will cost you a lot. Some of them offer 4D/3N trip to El Nido which is already a whooping Php 8,000 to 10,000 per head. So, the next possible way to travel cheap is preparing a DIY (do-it-yourself) travel plan and below is the estimated cost of the entire El Nido trip per head if you decided to travel to El Nido on DIY basis:

3-Day/2-Night – Php 2,600.00 to 3,800.00 (USD 62 to 95)
4-Day/3-Night – Php 3,800.00 to 5,000.00 (USD 95 to 120)
5-Day/4-Night – Php 5,000.00 to 6,200.00 (USD 120 to 150)

Keep in mind that abovementioned budget guide excludes airfare. Regular airfare going to Puerto Princesa starts from Php 1,500 to Php 3,500 round trip depending on the travel period.

Other ways to travel cheap in El Nido

  1. Book during airline promos.
  2. Travel during off-peak season (June to September).

  • kay


    Did you travel to El Nido this May and the tour prices are as published here?
    I’ve been seeing posts that tour prices have increased but if you’ve just been there..kay

    • Ada Wilkinson

      I just updated the rates of Island Hopping Tours 😉

  • Marj David

    Yeah, rates increased already based on most recent blogs that I read.

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      Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I just updated the rates of Island Hopping Tours 😉

  • Nini

    Thanks for these helpful info!!! just have a few question though..
    Where can we purchase the tour? Are they available to purchase at any hotel we stay at? Do we have to buy them in advance? or can we purchase them when we get there?

    • Ada Wilkinson

      You can contact your hotel receptionist and they can help you with tour reservations. You don’t have to book in advance, just book when you get there. 😉

  • anda

    Hi Ada! Great blog and also great post. We`ve been in Palawan now in February 2015.
    We spent in 7 days a total of PHP 18393 (392 euros) for two persons !
    Here is our post: