The Cheapest Accommodations In El Nido

Looking for the cheapest accommodations in El Nido? Here, I compiled a list of cheap to mid-ranged priced accommodations such as hotels, resorts, cottages, lodgings, pensions, and inns in El Nido to help you plan your ultimate El Nido budget travel. There were actually a lot of them, but in my list, I only included popular choice among travelers, especially for budget travelers.

Corong Corong Beach Sunset in El Nido

There are several options to book hotels or accommodations in El Nido. A great option is booking online via Agoda, El Nido to guarantee reservation (recommended for peak season). Booking via Agoda is great, convenient, and recommended for peak season travels (November through June); however, the price is 3% to 5% higher than walk-in rates.

So, if you’re super stingy and still want to book a cheaper price, I recommend that you contact the hotel respectively by email or mobile for direct reservations and ask how to reserve upfront.

Choosing the perfect hotel/lodge location

Now, let me help you find budget hotels in El Nido according to their locations. There are actually 3 main locations to choose from when staying in El Nido:

  1. Beach front (Town proper and Calaan) — perfect view to have coffee every morning; overlooking the magnificent Bacuit Bay; and this is where most bars and restaurants are.
  2. Town proper — opportunity to interact with locals and other travelers; where eateries, souvenir shops, bars, night clubs, and nice restaurants are situated. (3 to 8 min walk to-and-fro the beach front or Bacuit Bay). This is where I stayed.
  3. Corong-corong — quiet location, fabulous sunset view, (3 to 5 min tricycle ride to-and-fro the town and the Bacuit Bay).

There are some in Taytay; however, the location is already too far from the El Nido town proper where most main activities are.

The Cheapest Accommodation List

Read Notes First!Book OnlineBeach FrontTown ProperCorong-CorongHotel/Accommodation Not Listed?

  • Price rates are off-season based.
  • If website is not working properly, please DO NOT bug me! Call the hotel respectively or Google their hotel.
  • Please DO NOT contact me for reservations! I don’t own any hotels or accommodation listed.
  • Last updated 2013.
  • It is important to contact the respective hotel and accommodation first and ask which fits your needs such as having free WiFi, air-con, 24-hr electricity (El Nido doesn’t have 24-hr access to electricity), hot shower, private bathrooms, etc.

La Banane Hostel
Mobile: 0921-544-7868
Room starts at: PHP 300.00
Dara Fernandez Beach Cottages
Mobile: 0919-322-1416
Room starts at: PHP 300.00
Tandikan Beach Cottages
Mobile: 0920-318-4882
Room starts at: PHP 500.00
Relucio Travellers Pension
Mobile: 0926-219-9640
Room starts at: PHP 600.00
The Alternative Inn
Mobile: 0917 595 5952
Room starts at: PHP 700.00
Ogie’s Beach Pension
Mobile: 0917-500-2786
Room starts at: PHP 700.00
Marina Garden Beach Cottages
Mobile: 0917-624-7722
Room starts at: PHP 730.00
Rico’s Beach Cottages
Mobile: 0919-384-8561
Room starts at: PHP 750.00
Rosanna’s Cottages
Mobile: 0920-605-4631
Room starts at: PHP 800.00
Casa Buenavista
Mobile: 0916-331-8560
Room starts at: PHP 900.00
Rovic’s Pension
Mobile: 0920-542-0695
Room starts at: PHP 1,100.00
Shore Pass Lodge
Mobile: 0907-226-9213
Room starts at: PHP 1,300.00
El Nido Bay Inn
Mobile: 0927-560-8535
Room starts at: PHP 1,300.00
Entalula Cottages
Mobile: 0921-625-2908
Room starts at: PHP 1,500.00
La Salangane
Mobile: 0916-648-6994
Room starts at: PHP 1,500.00
Anang Balay Turista
Mobile: 0929-603-3589
Room starts at: PHP 1,500.00
El Nido Waterfront
Mobile: 0908-233-9126
Room starts at: PHP 1,500.00
Lally and Abet Beach Hotel
Mobile: 0948-723-0499
Room starts at: PHP 1,800.00
Pura Vida Inn
Mobile: 0920-480-0012
Room starts at: PHP 2,100.00
El Nido Beach Hotel
Mobile: 0928-502-9841
Room starts at: PHP 3,500.00
El Nido Garden Beach Resort
Mobile: 0915-489-9009
Room starts at: PHP 6,000.00
Tay Miloy’s Inn
Mobile: 0929-795-5756
Room starts at: PHP 300.00
Bunakidz Lodging
Mobile: 0912-405-9509
Room starts at: PHP 300.00
Cliffside Cottages
Mobile: 0919-785-6625
Room starts at: PHP 350.00
Lualhati Cottages
Mobile: 0919-319-6683
Room starts at: PHP 500.00
El Nido Skyline Inn
Mobile: 0921-686-2329
Room starts at: PHP 700.00
Silverise Pension
Mobile: 0918-879-9333
Room starts at: PHP 700.00
Hadefe Cottages
Mobile: 0920-952-3280
Room starts at: PHP 700.00
El Nido Plaza Inn
Mobile: 0912-972-6447
Room starts at: PHP 700.00
Marikit Pensionne
Mobile: 0921-637-7604
Room starts at: PHP 800.00
El Nido Viewdeck Cottages
Mobile: 0916-607-6577
Room starts at: PHP 900.00
Bulskamp Inn
Mobile: 0999-486-2847
Room starts at: PHP 1,000.00
Sei Nazioni Cottages
Mobile: 0905-3860696
Room starts at: PHP 1,200.00
Lolo Oyong Pension
Mobile: 0915-260-2113
Room starts at: PHP 1,500.00
Green View Resort
Mobile: 0921-586-1442
Room starts at: PHP 1,000.00
Island Front Cottages
Mobile: 0929-650-1284
Room starts at: PHP 1,300.00
La Casa Teresa
Mobile: 0919-991-0887
Room starts at: PHP 1,500.00
Jurias Pension
Mobile: 0917-569-1974
Room starts at: PHP 1,500.00
Four Seasons Resort
Mobile: 0919-254-4266
Room starts at: PHP 2,300.00
Stunning Vistas Beach Resort
Mobile: 0921-751-5783
Room starts at: PHP 2,400.00
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Discovered a budget accommodation in El Nido?

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    This must be very out of date. The prices are very wrong for all the hostels I checked.

    • Ada Wilkinson

      You maybe right but these prices are per walk-in basis that’s why it’s very cheap. If you choose to reserve online using their reservation tool, prices will go up due to admin fees and commission. Other than that, every hotel in El Nido is very cheap if you walk-in.

      • Hostyle

        Oh ok thanks, maybe Ill just book a hotel for day one and walk in to see what I can find once I arrive :)

        • Ada Wilkinson

          Awesome! You can check their location and just walk-in. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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  • Tapik Beach Park Guest House

    Hi Ada, i think this only valid at the time it was written. Nowadays there are more cheaper options like those in Eastern Coast of El Nido with much better ratings from TripAdvisor. Like in Tapik the cheapest room we have is 600Php/night only.

    • Ada Wilkinson

      Thank you for the comment! I checked your website but I couldn’t find the cheapest room available for Php 600.00?

  • Von Adrias

    I’m planning to travel on October, solo travel. This might be helpful.