The Cheapest Accommodations In El Nido

Photograph: El Nido Island Hopping Tour C

Looking for the cheapest accommodations in El Nido?

Here, I compiled a list of cheap to mid-priced hotels, guesthouses, and inns in El Nido to help you plan your ultimate El Nido budget travel. There are actually a lot of them, but here’s my personal recommendations as they are the popular choices among travelers, especially for budget travelers.

Booking tips according to season

There are several options to book hotels or accommodations in El Nido. A great option is booking online via Agoda, El Nido to guarantee reservation (recommended for peak season).

Booking via Agoda is great, convenient, and recommended for peak season travels (November through June); however, the price is 3% to 5% higher than walk-in rates. So, if you’re super stingy and still want to book a cheaper price, I recommend that you contact the hotel respectively by email or mobile for direct reservations and ask how to reserve upfront.

Where to stay in El Nido

Now, let me help you find budget hotels in El Nido according to their locations. There are two (2) locations to consider when choosing your place of stay in El Nido. You may choose between beachfront hotels or hotels in the town proper. I’ll begin with the beachfront location first.

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Corong Corong: 11.167961, 119.397354
Calaan: 11.188359, 119.395895
El Nido Port: 11.180212, 119.387993
Town Proper: 11.175560, 119.391303

Beachfront accommodations

There are three (3) beachfront locations in El Nido: Corong Corong, Calaan, and near the El Nido Port. What are their differences?

If you want a serene and quiet environment away from the noise of nightclubs and bars, hotels near or on the Corong Corong Beach is the best place for you. However, going to the town proper where Island Hopping activities usually start requires a short tricycle ride or a 15 to 20-min walk.

While Calaan is the perfect location for sunset viewing and usually takes 10 to 15-min walk going to the town proper.

Accommodations near the El Nido Port, on the other hand, is perhaps the most popular choice among foreigners who frequent El Nido. It’s still part of the town proper but offers magnificent view of the entire El Nido bay and where most bar and restaurants with live music are.

Accommodations in the town proper

When I first traveled to El Nido, I stayed in the town proper. El Nido is not all about beaches and sunset. To experience the best of the best, one should stay where the locals live. It is no wonder accommodations in the Town Proper are considered to be top-notch among frequent Filipino tourists and adventurous backpackers. Most hole-in-the-wall restaurants can be spotted here and there are “secret” accommodations where you can stay for low as $5 per night.

Budget Beachfront Hotels in Corong Corong

Hotel NameRates from: (per night)
Mina Grande Beach Cottages
Plankton Divers - Zions Welcome Inn
Telesfora Beach Cottages$30
Ingrid's Inn Hotel Resort$44
El Nido Four Seasons Resort$43
Centeno Inn Hotel Resort$35
Desert Rose Hotel$32
La Casa Teresa Beach Resort$45
St. John Island View Pensionne$34
Arbor Beach Cottage$27
Stunning Vistas Beach Resort$45
Doublegem Beach Resort$70
Talindak Beach Cottage$38
Buena's Haven Travelodge$37
Tay Joe Cottages$18
Citrine Tourist Travel Lodge$45
Pa-Lao-Yu Dive Resort El Nido$50
Novie's Tourist Inn$15

Budget Hotels in the Town Proper

Hotel NameRates from: (per night)
Raje Residence$43
Jurias Pension$39
El Nido Viewdeck Cottages$21
Swiftlets Inn$54
Lualhati Garden Cottage$22
Bulul Garden Hotel$43
Rock View Lodge$16
Francisco Inn$22
JF Love Rion Boarding House$27
Casa Carlota Pension$29
Bnky Bed and Breakfast$32
Netibo Pension Haus$54
Lolo Oyong El Nido Pension House$35
Ricgem Place$29
Bill Tourist Inn$60
Blessed Inn$19
Giecel Pension$27
Ashok Homestay$27
Strong Tower Inn$18
Bacuit Lodge$27
Smile Lodge$32
Villa del Vincejos Hotel$65
Residencia Katrina Bed and Breakfast$43
MJ88 Guest House$22
Krizma Cottage$32
Balay Paragua$30
Casa Yolanda$22
Casa Cecilia$78
Jammers Pension
El Taraw Inn
Austria's Place
Nido Skyline Inn
Arkitel Bed and Breakfast
Ced Pension$40
Ipil Suites El Nido$50
Gemini Travelers Lodge$20
Dayunan El Nido Tourist Inn$40
Our Melting Pot Hostel$10
Mochileros Guesthouse$15
Marikit Pensionne$35

Budget Hotels in the Town Proper (Beachfront)

Hotel NameRates from: (per night)
Shipwrecked Pension House$65
Joaquinn's Bed & Breakfast$50
A Place To Remember El Nido$45
Nido Bay Inn$35
La Salangane Hotel$38
Mezzanine El Nido Inn$38
Forever Blessed Hotel$38
Pura Vida Inn & Tours$70
Relucio Travellers Pension$20
Garnet Hotel$40
Zaniyas Pension$30
Rovic's Tourist Hotel$65
Rainforest Beach Hotel$45
Peak House Garden Pension$40
Silverise Pension$20
El Gordo's Adventure and Guest House$10
Rosanna's Pension$48
El Nido Beach Hotel$60
Inngo Tourist Inn$45
Big Creek Mansion$30
Lally and Abet Beach Cottages$55

Budget Hotels Calaan

Hotel NameRates from: (per night)
Makulay Lodging House$30
Kalinga Beach Resort$40
Antonio Village Pension and Cafe$12
AngelNido Resort$30
Hadefe Beach Cottages$28
Golden Monkey Cottages$28
El Nido Reef Strand Resort$60
La Salangane Caalan Beach Villa$30
Caalan Beach Resort$39
Tapik Beach Park Guest House$10
Columbus Inn$30

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    • Ada Wilkinson

      You maybe right but these prices are per walk-in basis that’s why it’s very cheap. If you choose to reserve online using their reservation tool, prices will go up due to admin fees and commission. Other than that, every hotel in El Nido is very cheap if you walk-in.

      • Hostyle

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    Hi Ada, i think this only valid at the time it was written. Nowadays there are more cheaper options like those in Eastern Coast of El Nido with much better ratings from TripAdvisor. Like in Tapik the cheapest room we have is 600Php/night only.

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      Thank you for the comment! I checked your website but I couldn’t find the cheapest room available for Php 600.00?

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