The Night Glow of Sankeien Garden Yokohama

You will definitely love to spend an afternoon at Sankeien Garden when you visit Yokohama.

Sankeien Garden Yokohama

Yokohama is a very astonishing city with endless possibility. From there, checking the city’s website for latest events became my habit. It was where I found out about the notable Sankeien Garden. Since it was Spring season, the garden was open until 8 p.m. for night cherry blossoms viewing as opposed to its regular closing time of 5 p.m. I bundled up and conquered the beautiful Japanese Garden.

The Night Glow of Sankeien Garden Yokohama Sankeien Garden Yokohama Sankeien Garden Yokohama
Sankeien Garden Yokohama

The garden was built in 1904 and has been popular ever since. It has a number of historic buildings in different styles which are very interesting to see. You can relax around the pond and stroll around the garden’s rivers and flowers following the trails.

Inside, I was astounded when I saw bunch of photographers with tripods lined up beside the lake. I was curious as the sun was still up at that point. Looking closer, I realized that they were saving their spots for later’s low light shooting.

Sankeien Garden Yokohama
Sankeien Garden Yokohama Sankeien Garden Yokohama Sankeien Garden Yokohama

Walking further, I met a nice couple who asked me to take their photos with the cherry blossoms, until then, they would always thanked me whenever we bump into each other.

These photos was taken by a fellow visitor. He-she’s a very cheerful tranny by the way. He looked struggling with camera timer and tripod to take photo of himself so I offered to take his photo. From there, he returned the favor and took several photos of me. I will not deny, he has a good eye for photography!

Sankeien Garden Yokohama is a huge beautiful garden. There were even small hiking trails inside. Unfortunately, I arrived there at 4:30 p.m. and hiking trails were already closed for safety reasons. Nevertheless, just walking around the garden was already considered a hike like I said it’s HUGE.

The Night Cherry Blossom Viewing

Sankeien Garden Yokohama

I was more than impressed by the beauty, peace, and quietness of this place when the sun went down. The night cherry blossom viewing started.

My short solo trip to this beautiful Japanese style garden with random people encounter has created a yet another memorable experience. It was fun though not as fun when you’re with special someone. I missed my hubby, it was already getting late and I was getting hungry. I was time to go home.

Getting there: From Negishi Station, the Sankeien Garden is about 10 minutes by bus to Honmoku (bus #54, #58, #99, #101 or #108). Alight at Honmoku Sankeien-mae bus stop and from there, the garden is another 5-10 minutes walk.